confusing deconstruction.

i’m with a marine in the middle of the street or whatever. see some deconstructed type buildings, lots of peeled paint, frames of buildings, etc. i comment that i think that shit is awesome and that i love buildings that are falling apart. he doesn’t seem to care too much for this sentiment. the buildings are on the opposite side of the street, the most notable one with its steel beams hanging out. a bird calls. i look up and it’s sitting on a wire. it’s black. then we walk down a narrow alley, with gates on the right side and wall on the left. marine is gone now, i think. i go around the backside. there’s like some farmer working out of the back of the building, and there’s a counter or something. not sure, but i talk to him.

(note: i have some other notes here, but i don’t know what they mean: jack off different, spinny gravity thing)

so i wake up, and now i’m somewhere else. i owe someone money, although i feel like i’m looking through someone else’s eyes. i’m there with claire, and i give the guy money sandwiched in between other papers… trying to con him. it does not look legit at all but somehow it fools him. he lets me go.

but then i wake up and go back to sleep, and now i am alone. same scene is kind of replayed, but no claire or wad of money. i don’t know if i get away because i wake up before i find out.

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