she sells nail shells by the seashore.

i went to some amusement park but i was more like, on the beach. when i got there, it was packed and i had to sign up for something (i had to write my name and check a box for expedia). people were lying on chairs and i grabbed a pen that she had put above her head for the next person to get. for some reason, my nails are freshly done, but they start cracking. i go to ask phil if he wants to go play in the water and he says no or something. so i go ask derek. for some reason, his apartment was packed near the beach. i tried to buzz myself in, but i forgot the number. then a guy came and asked if i wanted to come in (like held the door open when he went in). i was like, “naw, it’s okay.” then derek walked by and i’m like, “phil doesn’t wanna swim.” so we’re about to go get ready to go and a lady tells me that i can sell my fingernail polish cracks and pieces. so i’m about to go with her, and derek follows. she tells me we’re heading to a magic store first. the end.

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