you don’t sit here.

so i was sleeping and my co-worker wendy came into my room/office and wrote on my white board details about wine and a short video to watch about it. then she left and my co-worker craig came in; i think it used to be his office. he was putting away his yearbook and trophies and stuff, and i made a joke about how he needs to put away his high school stuff. then i saw his yearbook and i saw that i knew hella people that went to high school with him, but somehow they went to high school with me. one included this guy named sky and his picture was on the top places to go (yo son!) in the yearbook, for being a dj. i was like, “what?? no way.” then craig asked if i wanted to pay like $130 for some rotisserie chicken for the sonics game later. then that was over and we had tickets to a sonics game and some older guy (i remember him vaguely, like vincent vaughn) and i were in the parking lot, and i was talking to some cute baby. then when i was done, he drove me to the game and we had a dinner date. then i said i had extra tickets if he wanted to go, so he pushed his dinner plans back and came also. when we got there, we sat hella close but then the ticket people eventually told us to go sit out where our assigned seats were.

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