mysterious things happen late in the night.

i was in somewhere very empty and uninspiring, like a room without any furniture or paint. i was with a girl i wasn’t supposed to be with — that’s just the feeling i had, i didn’t recognize her — in a compromising situation under a blanket. suddenly, people flooded in. it was embarrassing, and i struggled to get my pants on.

a woman approached me and shuffled me towards a hallway. her family was with her, at the back of the group were three little boys. i passed them up as we were making our way down the hall towards an exit. she turned to me and, noticing that the boys were not there, shrieked, “can’t you even do your job? you were supposed to be at the back of the line!”

a feeling of immense dread consumed me, and with heart racing, i sped around the corner. the boys were still there in the empty room, but something was wrong. i called to them, grabbed the two closest and, despite their protests, began forcing them down the hall. they were resistant, but i overpowered them in my fear and managed to hurl them down towards the exit.

the last little boy was standing alone in the middle of the empty room.

shadows were growing. i called to him, but, in some absent-minded haze, he dawdled in place. with wide eyes and my heart in my throat i snatched him up under my arm and started to race towards the hallway. just as i was reaching it, something big and black snatched him from under my arm and he was gone. i was too late.

a soundtrack began playing alone with the dream. a voice like vincent price’s started to narrate, “mysterious things happen late in the night…”

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