bits and pieces.

i dreamt i was still out (from the previous night). we went bar-hopping, and went to a bar inspired by boston. earlier, we were shopping around near the bars and i bought four bagels, some mac nail polish, etc. with my friend tri. we ended up at that boston bar and i saw so many people i knew from back in the day. there was also some baby contest in the back room. i also saw don and van – i guess they were back later, when we got home to someone’s house, i was looking for this aquafina i had bought. then we were driving around and i thought we were looking for a place to eat. i was also with teresa and trevor (whom i am not friends with). then i realized it was 2pm, not 2am, so i’m like, omg, i’m late for work. so somehow i get into this room, church ceremony (it’s easter!) and i’m listening and i’m playing with my phone and i read my outgoing texts. i notice that i texted a co-worker about how i don’t care about her and stuff. i felt so bad. then my brother pulls me out of the room and tells me i’m in trouble. i remember my dad yelling at me. next thing i know, i’m at old navy (working), and had to help someone get a fitting room. i also brought pho in there for her.

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