an asian train.

a bunch of people are standing outside in a large huddled group. there is some kind of event going on. sherry starts talking to these two asian guys next to us, and before i know it, she is holding hands with one of them. that guy tells his friend they should “go with that one asian girl”. she starts holding hands with both and pulls them along. we start to walk away (i am not holding hands with anyone) and sherry gets the attention of more people and coaxes them to come along. more and more people start holding hands, forming a train of sorts, but in a V kinda formation. they all walk away to the left of where they previously were (from my point of view). i hold hands with no one and only watch. everyone in the dream is asian, which is, for some reason, a notable point (probably since it’s been forever since that has happened in one of my dreams).

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