oh beautimous japanese boy.

[note: i’m writing these off of notes two days later… it is not fresh in my memory and i am relying pretty much solely on the notes.]

tomiko’s japanese brother is beautiful (in a good-looking but femme way — just my bag!). i don’t recall much but i do know we were in a room with like a full-length mirror. dark, brownish wood walls. or wood paneling, anyway. he was hugging me from behind and we were looking at ourselves in the mirror… then i lean back and up and kiss him. i guess after that i go to meet lenny… i think maybe perhaps i receive text messages?!!!! and i say suspiciously that no one is texting me, even though it is just jeanette saying that she is working. apparently she has a new job opportunity with a gay guy she knows “better from myspace”???? i text her saying, “how?”

here are the rest of the notes that i can’t quite put together or read well:
“____, sitting dejectedly”
“____ dancing w/ best girl friend”
“white guy (him… which i think refers to tomiko’s brother who is now a white guy) comes up”
“* singing n’sync song in club, text-msged”
“then some oldschool song, everyone dances”
“then some paula abdul song”
“show us something”
“____ downstairs”
“kid + ____ lock us downstairs”
“rock out and get ___ bet lock”

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