shop til i — wake up.

i was at puma shopping and i guess phil knew some guy that worked there. he was telling phil about these cool sunglasses. when phil tried them on, i thought they were really ugly because they had skulls on each lens! then i saw francisco working and i asked him what he thought about the bag that raymond said he’d buy me tomorrow. he said his dad thought it was like a bowling bag. i also saw this guy from my high school that lives down the block from me, working there also (dennis bounds’ kid). so also i was shopping at some store and i happened to see/be with a couple girls from my high school (anna, melinda, emily, etc.) and nicole happened to be there too. nicole was trying on earrings and i eventually told her i liked the gold and blue ones she picked out (she also said how calvin klein was big now). we all happened to be done the same time and we all got in line. i sorta walked over there the same time and i was first, but we were standing as a group. the cashier rang one person up and then looked at me and said, “do you always get in line like that?” anna also put her dress in my bag because i had a big purse. i was also asked to deliver some notes to other people that went to my high school but i had no idea how to find them.

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