discombobulated trip in my discombobulated dream.

first off i have to say, i’m really amazed that i remembered my dream so vividly. well, i did at 6:30 when i woke up for the first time, now…not so much.

basically the whole dream was based on a “trip” that my friends and i were on, and a few other randoms. the people i remember with me on the trip were kayla, danni, carmie, priya,  fran, ann carie, marlene….i can’t remember who else. maybe it  was because we (kayla, danni, priya, fran were just all in palm springs together) – i don’t know where we were but it wasn’t the “location” that gave it away, i just knew we were somewhere on a trip. anyways. i don’t remember the whole thing but here are some bits and pieces:

matt, the guy in a band i was hanging out with last year, made a somewhat brief appearance. we went to some girl’s house, who was our friend but i can’t put a face to her right now – and we entered through a garage which was set up like a bedroom. then we took a spiral staircase up and when we got up to the house, i saw matt sitting there. it wasn’t until after we finished a brief tour of the house i realized that this girl (who???) and matt were dating. weird.

random: the guy who works at my gym… i can’t remember what part he took. also, i can’t remember if when it dawned on me that HE was in my dream, or how i knew him, if i was still dreaming or mid-way awake.

the other vivid scene i remember was all of us sitting at a table in a restaurant type setting. i can’t remember who was to the left of me (priya?) but kayla was to my right, then ann carrie then danni. across all i remember was marlene and some other girl. i think my side of the table leaned in to take a picture and it never got taken cause the girls on the other side kept running over to get in the picture and then ya. random. (uhh my dream is boring)

anyways, then there was another scene of us in a hotel room getting ready.

that’s all i remember, dammit.

inspiration: been thinking about the band guy lately, and also had to talk to the gym guy on monday night about some billing stuff.

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