confusing food and phone numbers.

alex, gareth, eddie, lenny, and i are planning to eat some food. we eat it. i forget what it was. shortly thereafter alex, gareth, and eddie want to go eat again. at some mexican restaurant. i’m not accompanying them but i’m trying to call the restaurant for them for some reason. the restaurant phone number information is mixed up with a bunch of other restaurant phone numbers, on what looks like an excel sheet or something (but it’s printed out on a piece of paper). the numbers are broken up into different sections, with all three “parts” of the phone number being in different places — (555) 555-5555 would be broken up with (555) being one place, 555 being one place, and 5555 being one place. of course, those weren’t the numbers in the dream; they were much more complicated than that.

so i was trying to put together the number for the restaurant and having the most difficult time. i called one number (that was like, more than the required number of digits long, i swear), and someone who sounded like dave liu picked up and apparently this happened to him all the time. he sounded used to saying that that wasn’t his number and said something about, try another number, even though i may never get it.

i think i tried another number after putting together another set of numbers on the piece of paper, but i don’t recall. then alex, gareth, and eddie leave, lenny and i decide to blow up an inflatable pool!?

and we put it on top of a table or something that looks like a table but is super sturdy, and i’m about to climb in (it’s TINY — like, made for infants), but it is devoid of water. i wonder how we will get water in. fill it up with a pail? seems messy, though.

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