the end of america.

i was working from my parent’s house one day and my mom walked into the room i was working in and asked me if something was wrong with the internet. i said nothing was wrong and it was working for me. she pressed the issue and said, “no, i think something is really wrong.” at that point, my internet shut down. i closed my laptop and heard the sound of a mob in the distance — screaming and crying.

my mom looked at me and said, “i think this the end of america as we know it.”

i quickly locked all the doors in the house and walked towards the couch to join my sister in watching what was unfolding on TV. on my way to join her, i looked out the window and saw a mother covering up her deceased young child with a blanket. i saw another mother walking and holding the hand of her toddler-aged child, but as i was watching, the child collapsed.

on the news, there were stories about young and old dying across the world. people were having involuntary muscle movements and just laying on the ground. i remember feeling faint and sitting on the carpet in the TV room.

then i woke up.

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