a magical, mystical rail at a wedding.

i’m at sherry’s wedding, apparently. it’s at an unconventional building. i see her running off, holding hands with the guy she is going to marry. they run up a spiral staircase and up to some asian temple kind of place. i’d been there before.

i’m standing on another spiral staircase on the opposite side of a very large ballroom type place, and i’m trying to photograph people at the wedding with a regular point and shoot camera. my mom is to my right. the photos keep coming out blurry, and i initially think that it’s because the room is too dark and my hand isn’t steady enough. but later i find out that while the room is somewhat dark, that’s not the main problem. the main problem is that the staircase i am standing on is actually attached to a rail sort of system, and it is being moved around on this rail.

(imagine you’re in a restaurant where they have dividers separating two rooms. they’ll often put up a piece of wall that slides open and closed on a metal guide on the top… that’s what these stairs were hooked onto.)

well, i seem to be the only one who notices that the staircase is moving around. soon people disappear and i am the only one being moved around on this rail. i think the staircase i am standing on has also disappeared, and i am basically just being pulled along by like, an invisible force or something. i leave the area where all the people are and find myself flying through other rooms, guided by this metal guide/rail. very… strange to describe.

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