rendered helpless on a cliff-side.

i’m hiking along a nerve-rackingly steep cliff face with my sister, ana.  it is himalayan in proportion — miles and miles down.  i start taking all these pictures with my phone.  we are reaching the end of our trek, when i realize that i dropped the phone somewhere back on the trail.  i turn to go retrieve it, and as i search for a handhold, i realize it has become much more dangerous to try and go back.  vertigo begins to sweep over me…

we find ourselves in what turns out to be an old chinese, maybe buddhist temple.  there is a room full of reptiles: giant bearded dragons that are crawling on top of even larger lizard skulls.  enormous crickets that must have been food for those lizards.

there are other people with us now, and i ask someone about going back for my cell phone.  i’m told that it has been done, but it is a nightmare to attempt…

we are in a courtyard and a number of planes are approaching.  they are stout and rectangular, almost like the spruce moose, and then it’s clear that one of them is struggling to stay in the air.  black smoke is spilling out of it.  it is going to crash on top of us.  we all scatter.  the plane is giant now and roaring towards us.

people yell out to me, “get down!  put your hands down!  get flat!”  i do this just in time: the monster of a plane skids right over me.  then there is a disgusting sound a moment later, and we find a girl who has been crushed.  she is alive.  we all ask for doctors.  they were sent for yesterday, but it was the weekend.  they will arrive this morning, at 9:15.

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