mike s:
i woke up in this bar with black walls and a concrete floor. the tables were circular, tall and had deep red surfaces. almost like a red wine color. at each table was a group of three people wearing veils. i kept running into old band mates, who were basically all arguing with each other. apparently i was at a show in a bar where some of my former band mates were playing. i kept asking them why they decided to play a 21+ show and they all tended to avoid answering the question.

all of the vacant tables had playing cards on them. they were all placed facing down right where someone would normally sit. i picked up a few to see if they were actually cards from a deck only to find out that on each card was a portrait of someone i know. old friends, ex-girlfriends, former co-workers, etc. it was all people who haven’t been in my life for a while.

towards the back of the bar was a “backstage” area sectioned off with a dark red curtain. i went inside to find a large gray beetle with a human head and penis receiving oral sex from two women.

  1. pwny said:

    I was with you till the end there.

  2. Yeah, buddy. Because I totally wanted to dream about the hypersexed man-beetle.

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