redefine magazine gets glitched.

i’m sending redefine in to get printed, but i failed to proof it very well. barely at all, i guess. one article, spread over two or three pages, showed up twice in the magazine… once towards the first 1/3, and once towards the back 1/3. another page, which was largely blue-green/teal, was super duper glitched up with a ‘electronics’ type look to it… the circuit-board type images were covering up the text and it wasn’t even readable.

in total, the printing cost me like $4,000 or something. i got it back and was reading it in a largely grey-brownish room (light-colored). i was obviously disappointed and freaking out. so i tried to contact the print shop, run by an old white-haired man and his wife, asking them if they can reprint the magazine. they told me that reprinting would cost $1.2k or so, because the “metal plates” which had the magazine’s ‘pattern’ on them had already been made with the last printing, and therefore, the cost of making that would be subtracted. which is funny, because that metal plate pattern was obviously wrong, and i never really corrected the errors… nor was it addressed how much the metal plates would cost for the corrected pages. :0

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