cracking and crumbling ice rocks.

i’m at this indoor rock-climbing place… imagine a huge skateboard ramp-shaped half-bowl with artificial rocks (in this case, rocks that look like ice… they’re not cold but they seem to be melting), placed in it. i’m with a group of people. we start at the bottom of the bowl and work our way up. at the bottom it is a little boring because well, it’s just kind of flat and unexciting… by the top it’s like real rock climbing and it’s really fun and quite challenging. however, since the rocks are really brittle and have like, the consistency of ice, they’re falling apart as we’re climbing up them. it’s quite annoying, really. i’m to the far right of the half-bowl, against another wall. to my left, people are falling down because their ice rocks are breaking apart… they’re falling outwards and i think the pieces i’m breaking off have something to do with their pieces being more and more unstable.

at one point, i break off a giant piece by accident with my left arm. it’s only a long sliver, but somehow it falls to the left and adds to the weight of the other ice rocks that are already falling down and pushes the other people down… they all fall, and soon i fall too because there is nothing else holding the rocks i’m on in place. it doesn’t really hurt. below where the rocks previously were is like a matte flooring with kind of a grip on it. it looks like red linoleum or something. i’m at the bottom of the half-bowl now, with everyone else, and i think that it’ll be hard to walk outta here with only the red flooring — particularly because the rocks, in their steepest area, were like a 90 degree angle — but walking out is amazingly easy… no slipping at all.

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