amanda the rabbit.

i’ve a pet rabbit from who knows where. her name is amanda, much like andy’s doggie. it is really quite young. i play with it day after day, but never really feed it. one day, it is barely mobile. i realize suddenly that i’ve never fed it and try to give it a hamburger since that’s all that i have. she doesn’t much want to eat it (and is sitting on the kitchen table with the hamburger). i also try and feed it water and it likes that a little better, but i finally decide that i must go buy it some legit rabbit food. i wonder about carrots but am not really sure if they are ACTUALLY rabbit food, outside of bugs bunny land.

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  1. rabbits don’t like hamburgers? Who’ve thunk?! Try a nice tasty pellet food and lots of yummy hay, alfalfa for younger rabbits and timothy hay for older ones!

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