a maze of confusing plays and people.

i’m in a maze-like building. green color palette. there’s a play going on. on both sides of the rooms where the play is going on, there are these raised bleachers… far up above beyond the walls. hard to explain. but the seating is high up above where the play is being held — kinda like seating at the roman coliseum, but not in a circular shape, if you can imagine that.

anyway, i’m on the top area, running into the seating area to meet up with my mom and some other female. we’re in the far right corner of the room and no one is really around where we’re supposed to sit. i dunno how it happens, but my mom accidentally pushes me off the side onto the bottom section, and i try to hold on but fall down. it doesn’t feel like much of a fall, but now i’m in the middle of the room. the play spans three rooms and actually the cast is in one of the other rooms right now.

i try to find a seat by the side so that i will no longer be in the center of the room. but i can’t find one. there’s one man sprawled across a table… like, his stomach is on the tabletop, and his legs and arms are hanging off. a lady is sitting on the ground near him and she says i should do the same thing that guy is doing. apparently, that is less inconspicuous. i am a bit uncomfortable, though, so i try to look for a seat.

before i know it though, one of the guys in the play has walked into our room and he is spouting his dialogue. but i’m still in this weird public spot, and people are angry that i’m ruining the vibe of the play.

i freak out and run out. get lost. arrive outside. it is a maze, after all.

there’s a group of guys. one of them starts to make sexually abusive comments and seems to be rather threatening. the other ones don’t actually say anything; it seems that guy is the bossguy. i start to run away or something but one of the guys grabs me back.

he picks me up by force, in the way that princes pick up princesses in fairy tales, though. his arms are under my knees and supporting my back, and i have my arms around his neck i think. a little odd. for some reason, i decide to kiss him. he’s not even particularly good-looking, but that surprises everyone there. they tell me i’m messed up. the guy puts me down.

i say to the group, “if i go with you, will you let me go back safely?”

no one answers quickly. one guy nearest to me has a grim face and shakes his head slowly, so i run away. some follow, but no one catches me. i get lost trying to find my way back to the room the play was in, but no luck.

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