mini deer and rabbits get killed by me.

(side note: haven’t had a dream in a while and i think other people have lost interest in submitting as well. whatever. what can you do.)

one fucked up dream. claire gives me two shoeboxes full of little animals. one box has little rabbits and the other has little deer. so generally, deer are herbivores, but the particular deer in my dream were not. they ate rabbits. so what one would do to feed the deer is put one deer — a buck — into the rabbit box, let him kill a rabbit, and then he would bring back the food to the other deer. the rabbits and deer were maybe quarter-sized, with the baby deer and rabbits being like a quarter of that. well, i put one of the bucks into the rabbit box and all seems fine and he kills one, i THINK. i put him back in his box but after a while i notice that he is bloody, and not moving, and now nothing in the deer box is moving. i look back in the rabbit box and it is the same. for some reason i grab some of those metal rulers with the cork backing on them and start measuring something in or on the rabbit box. unfortunately, i accidentally drop it and i crush all of the rabbits. they all die. and they seem like they are made of clay or something. no blood. just mushiness. i’m traumatized. extremely. later, i’m walking around, and i notice my hands are caked with a clay-like substance, and i know that it is the rabbit guts. and i’m freaked out.

(dream symbology: alex looked up the dream for me and basically concluded that because deer and white rabbits both stand for female qualities, and them dying means the supression of female qualities… along with some other things… that the dream basically means i either want to be a whore or will soon be a whore. haha.)

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