getting put into a trance.

i don’t remember this whole dream, but here goes part of it. i’m sitting at some table and these four strangers approach. they start introducing themselves, and i don’t remember the introductions, but all four of them were kind of weird and kind of “dark” individuals… like, they were kind of goth, but not really… i don’t know how to describe it, nor do i really remember. anyway, they ask me if i want to do some meditation thing, and for some reason, i agree. i close my eyes, and there is light talking and the head guy is kind of guiding me through it. he’s telling me to listen for music, and the music i hear will be representative of good or evil. he said if i hear really dark, “eastern”-styled music, it stands for evil, and if i hear happier ambient “western”-styled music, it stands for goodness. as i’m listening for this music, i have this really yellow-hued vision of bells or something blowing on a line in the breeze, and the music i hear is definitely “eastern” in nature, but it is ambient, mellow, calming eastern music, with flutes and stuff, similar to what you might hear in a traditional scene when looking at some japanese temples or something. this obviously doesn’t fall under either of the categories he described, so i get up out of my trance and ask what happens if i saw something in between, but i don’t really recall the answer i receive. i am very calm, but asides from that, don’t feel like i gained anything in particular with that particular vision… which was kind of disappointing, because i was hoping to.

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