land vehicle of doom!

there’s some lecture i’ve listened to. don’t remember details, but the guy is kind of crazy, definitely. later on, we’re all in this big wooden warehouse thing for a while. at one point, everyone hears loud noises outside… i open the front door and see that a helicopter is starting to fall out of the sky, so i walk backwards and tell others to do so, also. the helicopter doesn’t hit anyone. i head over to open the front door again, but soon another thing — a land vehicle of some sort that looks really super intimidating — comes by, and i run away from the front door again. this time, this land vehicle plows into the side of this wood and glass building, and we all run to the other side. i run faster than anyone because i actually see this happen… straight out the back door of the place. behind the house is this wooden half-constructed house frame, which i climb, because i figure it is better to fall down a bit after the land vehicle has sliced through the frame than to be on ground level where it can cut straight through me. not sure that it’s actually good logic, but that’s my thoughts at the time. the land vehicle cuts through the wood frame, but i don’t remember falling. next thing i know, i’ve got a whole bunch of things in my hands, which include i THINK, can x-acto blade, a pair of scissors with white plastic handles, and two other largely metal objects which kind of slip my mind. :L the land vehicle has this portion where its gears are that’s open, so i cram all these metal objects in there while it is temporarily sitting still underneath the wood frame. it stops the car although stuff keeps popping out and i’m only slightly sure that it’ll all stay in place enough to stop the gears… i should mention that i KNOW, even though i didn’t see the guy, that the professor or whomever had been just giving the lecture is the person who’s driving the car as well.

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