giant crabb0rt.

i’m in the passenger seat of a car that’s driving on the freeway. we pass by a building that’s like a mall, and i see this giant fucking crab poking out the top of the buildings!! it’s huge!! and i point it out to everyone in the car (there’s three other people) and it takes them a while to actually see it. the crab is flicking little tiny people who don’t even look like people off the sides of balconies, and i wonder if this is staged or what. but soon it becomes very clear that it is not staged, there is in fact this giant ass crab infiltrating the city. i start to pull out my camera to take a video, but by the time i pull it out, the crab has become less active and the car is too far away for me to video. someone, i think lenny, makes fun of me for being too slow. we drive away. fast-forward and i’m at home, and i find out via the television (or something) that the giant crab is some kind of government project gone wrong!! DUN DUN DUN!!

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