breakdancing in front of mirrors.

i’m working at this non-profit place that my family owned. there’s a mirror hung in one of the rooms, and my dad tells me to get rid of it and to put it in my room or something, so i did. later on, one of the volunteers was this kind of cute guy who was a breaker, and he asked who took his mirror. i gave him hella attitude, and was like, “what are you going to do with it/what do you need it for… so you can practice breaking in front of it?” (and i jokingly did some dance moves, too.) he and i then got into an argument and i felt bad, so i hugged him, trying to calm him down. he was like, “do you think you’re more dedicated than me?” and i think we became friends after that. later on, we had an inspector come check out the house, and they told us some parts of the house didn’t pass the tests. then my uncle ran out of the outside house into the main house, saying he needed to go to the bathroom. my cousin followed him, saying, “make sure to turn on the phone in that room!”

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