kid sister zombie!

there are some zombies and a flood. and i have an adopted sister, and two kid zombies are chasing her, and she wades/swims through some water to get to me. but she looks kinda like a zombie; she’s messed up, and one of her eyes is blood red. maybe she had fallen or something. i hit one of the zombies with a few rocks — full throws, towards their heads. the other zombie falls into the water, which is scary, cause it was rushing towards her, and i can’t see it anymore after it falls into the water. and i don’t know if it is going to come to surface or if it even needed to. i find a broken brick (?), and i am ready to throw it at the first thing that comes out of the water. the zombie clumsily comes out of the water really close, maybe four feet away, and i sink the brick into the front of its skull.

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