waiting game.

i was supposed to leave at 4:30pm to meet some people somewhere in the woods. but before we leave, xinlei says she needs to go to the mall to buy something, so i go with her and am being fairly patient — at least outwardly — while she’s buying stuff and stopping at all sorts of things. i mean, she like, tries on lotion right before we’re leaving and takes a while to do it, even. i don’t even think she ends up buying anything, but by the time we leave, it’s three hours later. i check my phone and realize i have missed phone calls from james and brian, and then my phone rings again and it’s aaron asking where we are. chat with him briefly. forget what the convo’s like.

interpretation of waiting:
“Spiritual Meaning:
In developing spiritually we must often learn to wait until the time is right for a particular event. We have to wait for the passage of time and develop patience in the interim.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
When we become aware that something is expected from us, and other people are waiting for appropriate action, we may need to consider our own leadership qualities in waking life. When we dream of waiting lists such as that for operations we become aware that we must wait our turn, though not necessarily over a health issue. We perhaps feel that we are not sufficiently important.

Everyday Material Aspects:
To be waiting for somebody, or something, in a dream implies a need to understand the relevance of anticipation. We may be looking to other people, or outside circumstances, to help us move forward or make decisions. If we are impatient, it may be that our expectations are too high. If we are waiting patiently, there is the understanding that events will happen in their own good time.”

interpretation of telephones:
“Spiritual Meaning:
Because communication via the telephone usually means that we are not able to see the recipient, using the telephone in a dream can signify communication with Spirit or with Guardian Angels.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
When we are aware of the telephone number we are ringing, it may be the numbers that are important. We also may be aware of the need to contact a specific person who we can help, or who can help us. If we are searching for a telephone number we are having difficulty in co-ordinating our thoughts about our future actions. Using the telephone suggests a direct one-to-one relationship. The type of phone will also have relevance; an old-fashioned one suggests ancient ideas or concepts. A modern up-to-date digital or mobile phone indicates we are easily able to make ourselves understood in various situations.

Everyday Material Aspects:
Using a telephone in a dream suggests the ability to make contact with other people and to impart information we feel they may need. This could actually be communicating with someone in our ordinary everyday lives, or establishing contact with a part of ourselves. Being contacted by telephone in dreams suggests there is information available to us at some level of awareness that we do not yet consciously know.”

assessment of interpretation:
man, lol. spotty communication and waiting for humans? it’s like too obvious to even explain.

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