death all around.

i keep hearing about death. my friend is at work and his manager has gotten a heart attack. a high school acquaintance comes in crying, and everyone leaves. i end up coaxing a story out of him; his boss at hot yoga died in front of him. he finds a replacement assistant and then asks me to lie down with him i can hear his story. instead, he hits on me and tries to get me to go with him to this gross back room. i definitely get turned on because he’s whispering really close to my year, but i say, “no, i have a boyfriend.” i run away outside. he asks me if he can borrow my white blanket. i say no, switch him for my sleeping bag, and say i need it back. wake up feeling like a lot of people are going to die inexplicably or randomly, with relation to 2012, though i’m not sure if that is meant literally or symbolically.

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