a night of many dreams.

i am giving someone an interview about the new REDEFINE. i have a slight bit of stumbling over words towards the end, but it is generally all fine. eventually she gives me a metal box or something that is the shape of a band-aid container. i open it up at these metal push pins — the ones that are shaped like t’s made of wire — come spilling out.


carnival-concert-type setting. there is one particular shopkeeper, and he has set up an installation in his shop where these mannequins are hiding out in a bathtub. the shop next door is where i spend more of my time (i don’t go into the one where the bathtub is), but i do think it’s a great installation. jeanette is there or on the phone (i’m not sure) and tells me that she has two tickets to a show tonight for thrice and some other similar band — thursday, i think — and asks me if i want to go. it’s evidently new Year’s Eve, and i’m not interested, but i think she needs someone to take photographs for her. i decline, but i try and ask two of my writers but confuse kyle with aeryn because they both came from “that world” in my mind. turns out it’s aeryn, and he’s slightly stressed out (he also looks more like kyle, though not really — maybe he is a visual blend of the two) and says that he needs time to plan. really, though, i don’t care that much and am just wanting him to go if he wants to go, and i tell him this. not sure what he eventually decides, or if he eventually decides anything. Later on, i talk to the tub shop owner man later on and he is bummed that his installation doesn’t really make him money, because it doesn’t have much to sell. both shops are vintage shops. i tell him that he should just put new items in and he says that would mess up the scene. i say he should just put in items that fit within the current scene, and he points to my hair and says, “Like hair clips?” and i picture hair clips with flowers attached to it and agree, though i don’t know if i rEaLLY agree, in retrospect. but then he says that he doesn’t think it’s worth it, essentially, because the installation-shop is only lasting until tomorrow. From there i think we go to the shop next door and suddenly it’s more like an office building, and him and the owner of that shop both sit down at computers and i take it as my cue that i should leave. i think it’s around 5pm to 7pm and i text troy to try and meet up with him at another menu. a map of the layout of the place flashes in my mind, and i consider where i am supposed to meet him; it feels like it is far away but when the map pulls up, i realize it’s not really very far away at all. in fact, it’s right across the way, kitty-corner to the shops. He texts me back and says he’ll be there soon (i don’t know the exact words; that’s just the vibe i get) and i start to head over there…

this is kind of connected to dream number three in that it is in a similar carnival-concert type setting, only the storefronts are gone and i’m not quite sure where i am. i am in a roomful of people, and there is a filthy, filthy event going on. it begins with a bunch of like teenage girls and one guy, i think. they are behind glass, i think. the guy has what looks like a giant gummy worm, and everyone is sitting in a square formation in front of what looks like a giant pile of gummy worms and booze and i don’t know what else. the guy is told to use the gummy worm to slap it about, and he starts by poking the giant gummy worm into the neck of the girl exactly opposite him, and there’s this video game-violence-esque burst of what looks like gushers juice or something that represents the blood of her getting stabbed in the neck or something. it’s not real. anyway, everyone starts going to town (eventually another guy appears though i’m not sure if he was there from the start or what) and starts eating and drinking and i’m not sure what the objective is.i have the vague sense that people are throwing up, though now when i think about it, i can’t even picture someone doing that in the dream. but i do feel like that was the ultimate objective or something. there’s a part that zooms in on what looks like a sink drain and in one of the grates of the sink drain, jeanette’s head is popping out. i picture what it looks like underneath, and what it looks like underneath is her floating in a giant vat of water. the idea is that people would puke into that drain or something and there is a slight bit of water in it right now, but if anyone puked in there jeanettould stand up in the tank that she was floating in and that would push her head up above the water and puke. it seemed like a strange system, and jeanette seemed miniature. Eventually people start dropping out and it seems like it is a test of who can eat the most and drink the most although there is no actual measure. the other guy drops out and he comes over and sits next to me and looks at me and (possibly?) jeanette and says, “they are so drunk,” of the two main girls who are left behind. One of the girls, a brunette, stops and comes over and she’s practically crawling on the ground and gives this little “sexy” wink, only it’s not really particularly sexy at all. soon the guy next to me gives me his business card or something? i think it’s black with white text. Only it’s not really His business card; he has taken some other guys’, with the same info, and scratched off his name and replaced it with his own. not sure how he did that considering the white on black text thing.

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