a hand at tarot.

not much to speak of that i remember. sherry is getting a tarot reading or something, though it is not quite exactly that. what i remember is something i woke up feeling was fairly important, though. she evidently passed on the first card she was dealt (this is not like the rules of tarot at all, i don’t think) and the second card she got spoke to her so deeply that she held onto it or something, and wanted to get a tattoo of it, or SOMETHING. i don’t remember what the card was other than that it was very symmetrical, and very balanced, and essentially meant two complementary halves coming together. i have vague recolletions of dragons as a symbol, though i’m not sure if that was from this dream or a previous one in the same night.

To see a dragon in your dream represents your strong will and fiery personality. You tend to get carried away by your passion, which may lead you into trouble. You need to exercise some self-control. In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune. To dream that you are a dragon and breathing fire suggests that you are using your anger to get your own way.

Tarot Cards
To dream of a tarot reading indicates your current situation and state of mind. You are open to exploring your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to what the Tarot Cards reveal. Consider the following general meanings of the four Tarot suits: The Wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and the Psyche. The suit of the Swords signify air, determination, strength, faith, and conquering of fear. The Cups symbolize water, emotions, purity, and your outlook toward life and the future. The Pentacles denote finances, social influence, worldly knowledge, and your connection with nature and earth.

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