strange sex.

i am talking to bryan about metal, since he’s a metal artist, but we soon have sex. i am on top, and it is really, really not active. there is a projector in the room, flashing. i feel like there are tones of red. gina is in the room, too, on the far side. it is similar to the room that i slept in last night (in real life) just with a projector and different things in the room. somehow the dream becomes a fractalized version of itself, where it references itself, like the same dream within the same dream. i don’t recall exactly how that happens but it is so fascinating a concept that i wake up from my sleep. generally there is relation of the dream to kabbalah, though i don’t remember how. there is an idea that three to five (out of timothy leary’s eight-circuit model) have been “taken care of”, or fulfilled. i think perhaps we’re talking about a piece of art? not sure.

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