spitting blood.

i am with gina, perhaps on a bed. spit out at least half my teeth, blood everywhere. look at myself in the mirror and am horrified by how bloody and the fact that i seem to be missing so many teeth, and the ones i’m not missing seem half fragmented. the feeling is the worst, and i spend a remainder of the time feeling like i am trying to hoin the rest, that they are wiggling and attached by a thin thread. when this sensation happens, it feels like i have a mouth full of teeth, but that they were locked in place, all chained together, and that moving my mouth moves this whole block of teeth that seems to come loose with every move. it’s like my jaw is locked and only capable of budging in rigid ways (though that is not exactly the case).

the dream continues or starts up again with lenny and i in some sort of shopping mall. we’re trying to find a place to have sex, but everywhere seems inappropriate or there are people around (at least, outside there are). the elevator seems the best place, but it is thwarted for some reason. there is a bathroom that i go into, though i don’t think anything actually happens there. the dream pretty much just consisted of much wandering, inside and outside the mall.

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