kpop and music.

Flyering or something to promote the K-pop/J-pop DJ night. Very long dream but I can’t remember too many details. Vaguely recall the presence of a boat (always with the boats these days!) We all pack into a staired room with many levels, kinda like a mini ampitheatre. I am at the top and run back to my room, down the hall, to grab m camera. Come back and begin photographing by saying, “Yut, yi, sam,” and initially no one really responds to that or knows what to do other than a couple. I say it again a second time, more pose and say it. and I say, “let’s try it again,” and do it a third time, and the room roars in response. Someone else decides to say it on my behalf one more time, but by then I had put away my camera or intended to, and I hear someone comment about how I basically don’t want to relinquish control. People scatter and funnel out towards the bottom of the room…

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