Troy is playing a beach house song on a set of drums. He’s making really intense bass faces for a bit and someone giggles at that. Then he begins to get woozy-looking, and turns over to retch although he doesn’t exactly retch, and then he faints into his drum stand, and no one but me notices…

If you see someone vomiting in front of you in the dream signifies that a close relative or friend is actually an enemy. It shoes that somebody is pretending to be your true friend while secretly trying to harm you or take advantage of your trust. Vomiting dreams observed by women signify that she will be devoid of some expected gains from other person due to some reason or other. (……….. but he does not vomit.)

To dream that you are fainting, suggests your inability to confront some unconscious issue or feelings. You need to be more aware and acknowledge of those feelings. To see a family member faint in your dream signifies that you will hear some indiscreet activities from that person. (Probably don’t believe that, either, though he was doing some intense texting yesterday. Maybe it is more the inability to confront feelings.)

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