i’m in the passenger seat of a car that’s driving on the freeway. we pass by a building that’s like a mall, and i see this giant fucking crab poking out the top of the buildings!! it’s huge!! and i point it out to everyone in the car (there’s three other people) and it takes them a while to actually see it. the crab is flicking little tiny people who don’t even look like people off the sides of balconies, and i wonder if this is staged or what. but soon it becomes very clear that it is not staged, there is in fact this giant ass crab infiltrating the city. i start to pull out my camera to take a video, but by the time i pull it out, the crab has become less active and the car is too far away for me to video. someone, i think lenny, makes fun of me for being too slow. we drive away. fast-forward and i’m at home, and i find out via the television (or something) that the giant crab is some kind of government project gone wrong!! DUN DUN DUN!!

i don’t remember the setup, but i was outside and something bad happened.  a bunch of creatures in the area were affected, including a cute-looking baby raccoon, and i knew that I needed to kill it now.  i had a specific reason for killing it at the time, but i can’t remember it.  i tried to strangle it first, but that didn’t work… it was too fluffy or something.  so i had to snap its neck against the ground.  i don’t think it felt much (it didn’t fuss) but i still felt REALLY bad, cause y’know, i didn’t want to kill the cute baby raccoon.  it didn’t bleed at all, but afterward there was its blood on my hands.  i didn’t even try and wipe it off.

i’m with micah and we’re lying on a bed or something. a really cute little tiny monkey comes and we’re trying to get its attention and the monkey crawls into my hand and really likes me or something. i’m slightly afraid it’s going to bite me, but it never does.

i’m on the phone with jeanette, and she is kind of freaking out, saying that all her friends are in a different spot in life or something, implying that all of them don’t have any responsibilities instead of her, and that she’s jealous about it. i say something like, “trust me, i wish i had responsibilities; this unemployment thing is only exciting for the first couple months.” or something.

(side note: haven’t had a dream in a while and i think other people have lost interest in submitting as well. whatever. what can you do.)

one fucked up dream. claire gives me two shoeboxes full of little animals. one box has little rabbits and the other has little deer. so generally, deer are herbivores, but the particular deer in my dream were not. they ate rabbits. so what one would do to feed the deer is put one deer — a buck — into the rabbit box, let him kill a rabbit, and then he would bring back the food to the other deer. the rabbits and deer were maybe quarter-sized, with the baby deer and rabbits being like a quarter of that. well, i put one of the bucks into the rabbit box and all seems fine and he kills one, i THINK. i put him back in his box but after a while i notice that he is bloody, and not moving, and now nothing in the deer box is moving. i look back in the rabbit box and it is the same. for some reason i grab some of those metal rulers with the cork backing on them and start measuring something in or on the rabbit box. unfortunately, i accidentally drop it and i crush all of the rabbits. they all die. and they seem like they are made of clay or something. no blood. just mushiness. i’m traumatized. extremely. later, i’m walking around, and i notice my hands are caked with a clay-like substance, and i know that it is the rabbit guts. and i’m freaked out.

(dream symbology: alex looked up the dream for me and basically concluded that because deer and white rabbits both stand for female qualities, and them dying means the supression of female qualities… along with some other things… that the dream basically means i either want to be a whore or will soon be a whore. haha.)

i see animals running away from this forest. there are two bears running away… two animals like elk running away… two other animals which i forget running away… what are they running away from? i’m in a car… i don’t think i’m driving; i’m in the passenger seat. we drive by the place the animals were running from and see two bears fighting. i tell the driver to turn in because there’s a turnout… so that we can get a closer look. as soon as we turn in, though, one of the bears comes towards us and tries to eat / fight / maul us and our car. i don’t know if we get away or not.

i’ve a pet rabbit from who knows where. her name is amanda, much like andy’s doggie. it is really quite young. i play with it day after day, but never really feed it. one day, it is barely mobile. i realize suddenly that i’ve never fed it and try to give it a hamburger since that’s all that i have. she doesn’t much want to eat it (and is sitting on the kitchen table with the hamburger). i also try and feed it water and it likes that a little better, but i finally decide that i must go buy it some legit rabbit food. i wonder about carrots but am not really sure if they are ACTUALLY rabbit food, outside of bugs bunny land.

lenny’s mom has a house chock full of dogs of all sizes and shapes and breeds. one day, all of the dogs are sick. they’re lying with their heads down, not moving. i think they are dead. basically anywhere you walk in the house, a dog is sandwiched in a corner, dead. a small black lab (or similar) distinctly sticks out in my head. lenny’s mom talks about how she is going to buy some replacement dogs, and i think that thought is horrific, because i am convinced there is a virus that is making all of those dogs simultaneously sick. bringing more dogs would just mean more sick dogs. she doesn’t seem to be listening, though. someone tells me that only two of the dogs have died. the other ones are just “sleeping,” although as far as i can tell, they haven’t moved in forever.

i go outside at some point and there are crowds of people everywhere as there is some kind of music event like sxsw going on. i see these five people dressed up like a hybrid of cops and homey d. clown from “in living color”. the suits are blue but with exorbitant frills everywhere. it is some kind of publicity stunt, and the group’s name is something like the ____ (insert cop-related word that starts with a t). they’re like pretending to arrest people and then giving them flyers. later on, i’m in a car, and a few cop cars whizz by. but i take it to mean that they’re not real cops; they’re the members of that group. i point out to someone sitting in my passenger seat that, “see? their siren colors are slightly different.” after i say that, though, i look at the lights and see that they too are red and blue, like a cop’s, and think that normal civilians wouldn’t be riding in ANY car with blue lights. i do not point this out.

inspiration: i had played “grand theft auto 4” before going to bed. sorry, there was a lot more detail i don’t remember well.