i’m “let go” from my job, aka fired. i’m devastated, and after pleading with my boss, he says, “no, please leave.” it’s really scary because i often wonder if “cutting it” with my new gig, and in the dream, i’m not. following the firing and devastation, i’m out late at night with some people, and i am teaching them how to vigorously shake parking meters to get the quarters. i fill my pockets with so many quarters! it’s crazy.

inspiration: i have been working crazy hours and although not SUPER stressed out about work, it has definitely been the “it” thing in my life since the team transition.

i’m at work, for some reason though my engineering firm i work for is working on the production of a play so the whole thing takes place on a stage.  there are two layers of set design.  each layer starts from the right side of the stage.  the first one is about 6 feet tall and crosses half the stage, the second one is 8 feet tall and covers 3/4 of the stage.

each of the sets is just a simple colored wall (light bluish).  my main area of concern seems to be inbetween the two.  it seems that i have a few responsibilities.  my main responsibility is to be the personal assistant to one of the main actors.  i feed him lines, help him with his costume etc.  my second duty is to play a small role of a character that is never seen by the audience.  i think it’s a small boy.

it seems like most of the characters are puppets maybe?  but people control them (keep in mind, each of the actors are people i work with, but we’re engineers even in the dream.  this is like some cooky side project).  i bring up the fact that we are not trained professional actors, set designers, writers, etc and that this play is going to suck massively.  no one else seems to care.  they seem to be concerned with whether we’ll have enough fake snow to drop on the stage for the final scene, where some asian guy runs across the stage with a doll?  it’s supposed to mean something to the audience, like a twist to the end of the play.

now it’s the end of the play, right after the asian guy has run across the stage.  except now the stage is on a big snow covered mountain, and i have a new job.  there are little asian kids and their parents all around and it’s my job to safely deliver them to the top of the mountain.  luckily there is a rope tow on the side of the stage and a bunch of sleds for me to put the kids on.  there are two types of sleds, the smaller type (made for the smallest children) has a retractable cover.  i sit the a kid on one of these and try to cover him up but he’s too big, so i move him to the next sled.  this sled lets the kid sit down with his legs out (rather than indian style) and the cover only goes just over top of his head rather than covering the whole sled like the small ones.  i set the cover over him and set him on the snow trying to figure out  how to hook him onto the rope tow.  eventually i figure it out and he starts up the hill.  his parents are freaking out.  i decide they probably have a valid concern since i have no idea why we’re on a mountain, where the rope tow goes, or how the kid is gonna get off.

i don’t care, i proceed to the next kid.  this one fits in the small sled.  i put him on the rope tow as well.  then i decide that the rope tow looks fun, so i jump on a sled myself and go up the mountain.

it is new year’s or something, and i went to this party that happens to be at my boss joey’s place. there’s a dj and she is talking to him and giggling. and then i see her boyfriend there too. they made this jello thing shaped in a round long shape, but it is starting to melt. and some melted in her bag, so she went upstairs to clean it.

then, i ate some brie and cheese. after, i left to go find more food. i was staying in this hotel downtown and i found this licorice store that i thought was really cute. i started talking to this little boy about the licorice, and he had a small wind-up toy we were playing with; it was an elephant that had a boy walking next to it (the boy and the elephant were both a part of the toy). but then for some reason, i ended up with hye in the streets, and we were trying to go to this one restaurant. i said i forgot my wallet, so we walked back. on the way back, we met a korean friend of hers and told him to come with us, but he said he couldn’t because it was some kid’s birthday.

we went to go pick up my key because i was getting an extra one made. it cost $12 but i forgot my wallet and they didn’t have cash, so we walked back to my hotel. on the way back, we saw like, three restaurants owned by koreans, and they were pretty much all named the same. they were imitation restaurants like, “mexican replica,” “italian replica,” etc.

there was soooo much traffic and the cars were so fast and loud we had to run while we jaywalked to get back to the hotel. i also forgot my hotel room number, so i had to text my brother. i also remembered that my friend drea was supposed to be staying with me, and i forgot where she went.