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some girl is trying to get revenge on my brother. not sure why. we spend the entire dream kind of trying to escape her. or maybe it’s not revenge; maybe she is trying to stop him in his tracks so he won’t do something. don’t remember. all i remember is the last part of the dream although the dream itself was massively long. we were trying to escape her and were in a pool (?), and i guess everything she did was futile (by the way, i think “she” was freaking jennifer aniston), and we’d basically come to the conclusion that she wouldn’t actually be able to stop him. but finally, she says she has a secret weapon, and her secret weapon is this giant green laser. the pool we’re at is like, surrounded by people, and when she pulls it out, everyone kind of gasps. green lasers are kind of weird in real life because some of them have been designed to be so strong that they can make people go blind or they can shoot into the sky for what seems like infinitey. anyway. this particular green laser was bigger than those laser pointers and yet another degree removed, because it could cut people in half, apparently. so. she pulls this green laser weapon out, and we’re like, “oh shit!” and dive towards the bottom of the swimming pool and try to stay there because the lasers are refracted by the water. as i was down there, it seemed like someone — i think my mom, although she was like a white lady, i think — had her voice in my head. it was like she was talking to me psychically, but the things she was saying sounded like thoughts coming straight from her head as opposed to things she was saying to me personally. weird. anyway, the voice was like, hoping i would stay down there because who knows where jennifer aniston would shine the laser and she didn’t want me to be hit by it and cut in half!

anyway, the dream ends there kind of, but then part two shows up. part two is like… the beginning of a new movie, whereas the end of the laser thing (although it doesn’t reach a real conclusion it seems) is the end of the first movie. in the new movie, i’m watching third-person ish, like i’m watching a movie. andy chen and someone else are in a kitchen, and they’re washing dishes. my feet touch the floor of the kitchen and it’s like mud; i’m not really there, i don’t think, because they don’t notice me. they’re talking and saying, “every time we move into a new place, it’s so dirty.” the end.

inspiration: walked by a club with green lasers (like you’d see at a rave) shooting out of its doorway, and i thought it was scary case those things are scary (some green lasers made people go blind at a rave in russia, ha).

there are some zombies and a flood. and i have an adopted sister, and two kid zombies are chasing her, and she wades/swims through some water to get to me. but she looks kinda like a zombie; she’s messed up, and one of her eyes is blood red. maybe she had fallen or something. i hit one of the zombies with a few rocks — full throws, towards their heads. the other zombie falls into the water, which is scary, cause it was rushing towards her, and i can’t see it anymore after it falls into the water. and i don’t know if it is going to come to surface or if it even needed to. i find a broken brick (?), and i am ready to throw it at the first thing that comes out of the water. the zombie clumsily comes out of the water really close, maybe four feet away, and i sink the brick into the front of its skull.

i become self-aware and lucid, and start floating up over a courtyard full of people in the winter, squealing and yelling. “this is what it’s like in real life, too!” i testify to dream people. i fly around and rejoin the dinner table of friends and take a male friend for a flight as a gesture of friendship. but as i’m floating up, it becomes harder to fly, and then the scenery changes to my childhood home. i’m up in my dad’s tools in this area where i hadn’t been as a child… then i discover nude polaroids of a japanese woman. and i think it might be the japanese exchange student we housed — which would’ve been so controversial — or maybe it was his first wife. also controversial.

i’m working at this non-profit place that my family owned. there’s a mirror hung in one of the rooms, and my dad tells me to get rid of it and to put it in my room or something, so i did. later on, one of the volunteers was this kind of cute guy who was a breaker, and he asked who took his mirror. i gave him hella attitude, and was like, “what are you going to do with it/what do you need it for… so you can practice breaking in front of it?” (and i jokingly did some dance moves, too.) he and i then got into an argument and i felt bad, so i hugged him, trying to calm him down. he was like, “do you think you’re more dedicated than me?” and i think we became friends after that. later on, we had an inspector come check out the house, and they told us some parts of the house didn’t pass the tests. then my uncle ran out of the outside house into the main house, saying he needed to go to the bathroom. my cousin followed him, saying, “make sure to turn on the phone in that room!”

i’m in a maze-like building. green color palette. there’s a play going on. on both sides of the rooms where the play is going on, there are these raised bleachers… far up above beyond the walls. hard to explain. but the seating is high up above where the play is being held — kinda like seating at the roman coliseum, but not in a circular shape, if you can imagine that.

anyway, i’m on the top area, running into the seating area to meet up with my mom and some other female. we’re in the far right corner of the room and no one is really around where we’re supposed to sit. i dunno how it happens, but my mom accidentally pushes me off the side onto the bottom section, and i try to hold on but fall down. it doesn’t feel like much of a fall, but now i’m in the middle of the room. the play spans three rooms and actually the cast is in one of the other rooms right now.

i try to find a seat by the side so that i will no longer be in the center of the room. but i can’t find one. there’s one man sprawled across a table… like, his stomach is on the tabletop, and his legs and arms are hanging off. a lady is sitting on the ground near him and she says i should do the same thing that guy is doing. apparently, that is less inconspicuous. i am a bit uncomfortable, though, so i try to look for a seat.

before i know it though, one of the guys in the play has walked into our room and he is spouting his dialogue. but i’m still in this weird public spot, and people are angry that i’m ruining the vibe of the play.

i freak out and run out. get lost. arrive outside. it is a maze, after all.

there’s a group of guys. one of them starts to make sexually abusive comments and seems to be rather threatening. the other ones don’t actually say anything; it seems that guy is the bossguy. i start to run away or something but one of the guys grabs me back.

he picks me up by force, in the way that princes pick up princesses in fairy tales, though. his arms are under my knees and supporting my back, and i have my arms around his neck i think. a little odd. for some reason, i decide to kiss him. he’s not even particularly good-looking, but that surprises everyone there. they tell me i’m messed up. the guy puts me down.

i say to the group, “if i go with you, will you let me go back safely?”

no one answers quickly. one guy nearest to me has a grim face and shakes his head slowly, so i run away. some follow, but no one catches me. i get lost trying to find my way back to the room the play was in, but no luck.

i’m at a high-end department store, and there is much talk of this new kind of plastic surgery. it’s weird. sherry is talking with a representative, and there is mention of cutting LEGS down the middle. i am sickened by the thoughts. sherry mentions how jeanette got the plastic surgery and messed up her legs because she paid little mind to the price, and that she wrecklessly put the vials into her cells. i didn’t quite understand at the time, but i guess jeanette’s butt turned out good? i walk around the store and finally kinda understood what sherry was talking about. the store was largely white and there are all these demos and colorful vials. apparently the new mode of plastic surgery involves cutting open body parts, and then implanting the contents of the colorful vials — each of which do different things — into the cells of the opened body part.

i go back to where sherry was, and some rich lady joins in and explains the process to me. she gives sherry five dollars — i don’t know why — and she takes it.

later, sherry, phil, and i are walking up these carpeted stairwells. very narrow. they only go up and have no space to go down. they’re like… half stairs. the carpet is blue and is like a “runner” carpet that just goes down the center of the stairs. it looks like regular stairs but when you start to step, it’s more like two stairs per every stair… if that makes sense.

later, i’m at versailles… yes, in france. i’m approaching in some black car, sitting in the back seat section. i say, “i’ve been here before.” not sure who else is in the car with me, but it’s full. everything is very white at versailles… the color palette i mean. there is a stereotypical french costumed girl walking around, with tall, white marie antoinette type hair. some girl is mad because it’s her last week in france and she doesn’t want to be going on no art tour. not that versailles is really an art tour.

it turns into halloween. crazy costumed people are running around. my family, annie chen, tina chen, and people are there. they all seem to be content with sitting and doing nothing. i go explore. my mom is at a giant metal door and she turns the key and opens it, takes a glance in, closes it, and leaves without talking to me. looks like there are metal torture device type things in there, but they’re rusty. i try to go in through that door but two women are coming out and direct me like ten feet down to my left, to the “entrance”. i go.

as i open the door to the entrance, “scary music” comes blaring out. before i go in, i’m stopped by a man dressed up as a goblin and a woman dressed up as a goblin wench. the man is very white (not by race, by color) and keeps telling me to “look at this”, as he is unbuttoning his pants. i avoid looking at him. by the fifth time he asks, i look down, and there’s this bright red dildo sticking out of his pants, with two penises on the end of it. i don’t think those even exist??? he cackles and i go inside.

a kid is running around with a knife, going nuts. he seems mentally unstable. i wrestle the knife out of his hands. he stabs me through the hand, but i get the knife from him. i go outside and i’m bleeding. to my right is a food stand of sorts. the boy’s brother is there with a family friend boy, and he is threatening the family friend, saying the family friend caused the little brother to have a knife. i stash the knife — which now is long, skinny, and tapered on the top — on the top of a tin box which is built into the wall (kinda like a fire extinguisher). a big bulky chef comes from behind the food stand. i thought he was going to stop the boys from fighting, but no. he wants the knife. he has a nub arm — missing the front half of his arm and his hands, and he takes the knife to cut off the end of his nub. WHY. i don’t know.

somehow i’m in a hallway now. i call for help with tying a tourniquet around my hand because i mean, it’s my fucking hand that’s hurt, imma have a helluva time tying it. there are a lot of people. no one helps me. now the little boy has been stabbed too and there’s an old lady dying in an all white hallway. everyone cares about the little boy and old lady but no one cares about me. no one helps. i tell the boy’s brother that i was stabbed by the boy so he should help me, but he doesn’t. two guys are easing granny into her death. she is lying down on the floor and they are speaking with her about death. she’s wearing a grey sweater dress of sorts. i find a bulky green rag to use as a tourniquet, but no one helps me and it’s too thick to tie myself.

my family is in my room hanging out and my brother brings incense in and starts to light it. then my dad starts lighting some. i’m like, “what are you doing?” and they say it smells. i start screaming stop it and they won’t. i say it’s dangerous, so i throw paper and attempt to start a fire. they eventually line my room with incense and i’m pissed. they also start cleaning my room. i tell them that for e very incense they light, i wouldn’t go to school for one hour. they cover my room completely. i leave my room hella pissed and skip class, even though the quarter has just begun.

my dad gives me a speech about how different people are, and i say what the fuck. i yell at him for going to muckleshoot casino. a distant family member is coming over and i want to embarrass them because i am so pissed. i remember the last time the girl was here. she was so cute. i think about class and also that if i call my chiropractor, he can write me a note so i can miss it.

i go back to my clean room and the incense has burnt out. there is now a ladder in my room. i’m trying to lock my door; it now has two locks on it. i am about to change when my brother and dad hug me. i think they think that they got to me and i liked the room… but screw that.