family members

i went to florida and i went to this disney world type of place. the first adventure thing we went on was th is bridge-like thing with rope and water. it was programmed so no one would get hurt swinging into the water with these. i was with my cousin tia, i think. but people would swing and hit the water. we were walking across t he bridge and we tried it too, but i didn’t hit the water. we saw jenny jones (yes, the talk show host), swinging from it too. when we got across the bridge, we got into this room and it had old pictures drawn by people we knew. i watched a slide of them and saw pictures drawn by random people i knew. i saw one by my mom and didn’t believe it was hers. then they told me it was actually my uncle’s. the end.

strange fuckin shit! i wish i remembered more of it.

started off at a huge beach/mansion party. there were a lot of familiar faces (too bad i can’t remember many at this point!) but we were all having a blast. it was really crowded and i can’t even remember if i was smoking (probably!) but then all of a sudden i  was with a guy and a girl, both of whom i was good friends with, and we saw this big bus/van pull up in the driveway and i think we heard over the radio or some loudspeaker that it was a HUGE drug bust. we knew they were coming for us, i don’t think i specifically had any weed on me, but we started dispersing. all of a sudden it was chaos, people everywhere, cops (maybe plain clothed?) were filtering through the party. it was madness.

then i remember being next to the big dog cop. i can’t remember what was happening but then i remember me taking him to a bedroom where i think my (non-existent) daughter was in the bathroom. i remember telling the cop to leave her alone. i think it was insinuated that i would um? sleep with him? or something along those lines to get out of trouble. at this point, it’s really calm. as i exit the bedroom (nothing happened!) the house had completely cleared out.

then i don’t know what happened with that scenario but all of a sudden it was night. i’m not sure how this scene started, but i do remember there was a start. but there was an ambulance and paramedics and one of them got left behind. so i was walking up this steep hill with one of the (lady) paramedics and then there was some sort of house call and she met her fellow paramedics there. i asked if i could come along and she said, “sure, as long as you don’t mind getting into the ambulance afterwards” – and ya, i think i accompanied her to some house. and from there, i really can’t remember.

damn, finally a cool dream and my memory has failed me. dammit.

i’m hiking along a nerve-rackingly steep cliff face with my sister, ana.  it is himalayan in proportion — miles and miles down.  i start taking all these pictures with my phone.  we are reaching the end of our trek, when i realize that i dropped the phone somewhere back on the trail.  i turn to go retrieve it, and as i search for a handhold, i realize it has become much more dangerous to try and go back.  vertigo begins to sweep over me…

we find ourselves in what turns out to be an old chinese, maybe buddhist temple.  there is a room full of reptiles: giant bearded dragons that are crawling on top of even larger lizard skulls.  enormous crickets that must have been food for those lizards.

there are other people with us now, and i ask someone about going back for my cell phone.  i’m told that it has been done, but it is a nightmare to attempt…

we are in a courtyard and a number of planes are approaching.  they are stout and rectangular, almost like the spruce moose, and then it’s clear that one of them is struggling to stay in the air.  black smoke is spilling out of it.  it is going to crash on top of us.  we all scatter.  the plane is giant now and roaring towards us.

people yell out to me, “get down!  put your hands down!  get flat!”  i do this just in time: the monster of a plane skids right over me.  then there is a disgusting sound a moment later, and we find a girl who has been crushed.  she is alive.  we all ask for doctors.  they were sent for yesterday, but it was the weekend.  they will arrive this morning, at 9:15.

i was running in a marathon with a few of my friends, and we stopped for a bathroom break, and my friend goes, “are you on your period?” and i said, “no, not for a couple of days.” but when i went to the bathroom, i had my period. some story happened in the bathroom, but i can’t remember – something about rachel bilson being in it. for some odd reason, the next scene i remember is in chinatown, at a dim sum restaurant. we were getting ready to order while we waited for people. but now my family is there. so are my girl friends. i am sitting there and i realize it is this girl named ann’s birthday. i look outside and see a flower vendor. so i start looking for cash in my backpack to buy her a flower. i can’t find any. i ask my mom for some. she didn’t have any either, i guess.

oh yeah, and my cousin is talking to my mom about getting a discount at a retail store my mom worked at, i guess.

this guy named biagio that i know says he has some, but it might be in his beret in his car. i’m finally reaching into my bag and i don’t find cash, but i find one of my uncashed paychecks for $1k or something, but it was dated for 2001. i get pissed at myself because i had never noticed it was missing. i ask my mom where there is an atm, and she says downtown. i put the check in my shirt so i don’t forget. the end. i wake up reaching for where i think my check is.

i’m at sherry’s wedding, apparently. it’s at an unconventional building. i see her running off, holding hands with the guy she is going to marry. they run up a spiral staircase and up to some asian temple kind of place. i’d been there before.

i’m standing on another spiral staircase on the opposite side of a very large ballroom type place, and i’m trying to photograph people at the wedding with a regular point and shoot camera. my mom is to my right. the photos keep coming out blurry, and i initially think that it’s because the room is too dark and my hand isn’t steady enough. but later i find out that while the room is somewhat dark, that’s not the main problem. the main problem is that the staircase i am standing on is actually attached to a rail sort of system, and it is being moved around on this rail.

(imagine you’re in a restaurant where they have dividers separating two rooms. they’ll often put up a piece of wall that slides open and closed on a metal guide on the top… that’s what these stairs were hooked onto.)

well, i seem to be the only one who notices that the staircase is moving around. soon people disappear and i am the only one being moved around on this rail. i think the staircase i am standing on has also disappeared, and i am basically just being pulled along by like, an invisible force or something. i leave the area where all the people are and find myself flying through other rooms, guided by this metal guide/rail. very… strange to describe.

the dream starts out with me walking into my older brother pomy’s living room. various people were watching tv with the lights off. i don’t know what we were watching, but the the tv made everyone’s face radiate with an unreal blue glow due to the reflection.

at this point, i could smell weed coming from one of my nephews. my older brother pory notices a smell too, so i tell my nephew to give me the weed, which were in dime bags. i take the weed and walk to the kitchen and proceed to engage in a conversation with someone in the living room from the kitchen.

now a birthday party starts for both of my nieces, anna and kayla. during the party i notice a really nice white baby piano propped up against the wall, without its legs. it was only its body. and when i say baby piano i mean its like a baby grand except baby baby baby grand it was something a toddler could play. i propped it on its side and played it, almost like a guitar. i really wanted it and so i told everyone that i would be right back to check on my bank funds to see if i could afford it.

whats weird here is when i step out of the front door, i find myself stepping out of my bank which is located at crossroads mall in bellevue. without thinking, i walk over to the library so i can check my bank account online. as i am walking through the library, i notice it is filled with girls studying. as i walk by i notice they were studying. as i walked by one, i commented on how physical sciences were awesome.

i finally make my way to a computer and i try to enter in the url to my bank website. every time i hit enter the computer always spat out an error saying it could not resolve the address. after many attempts i noticed that the website showed up as wwwrsushimonstersrcom (that’s not really my bank address but in my dream i kept trying to type in after closer examination, i found that the ‘.’ button and the ‘R’ button on my keyboard was switched. i now try to figure out how to type periods. during my bewildered frustration this asian girl comes up to me and asks me for some help with her math homework. i tell her sure and notice that the math book about nothing but powers, the cover had 10^10000000000 on it. i also notice that the name of her school is suprnova.

my dream then transitions to me parking at the mall that i was just at. two girls are in my car; one is my friend courtney from highschool, and the other is her friend alexandra. we park outside of the bank (my brother’s house) and i invite them inside to attend the party for some cake. they are hesitant, so i tell them that it’s just a 20 second walk. courtney agrees to come inside to hang out.

when we enter the bank, it’s suddenly a barnes & noble and i notice another highschool friend, valerie, studying so i say hello to her. a young tom hanks (early 20s) walks into the store and i say hello to him. courtney and i then start browsing the store noticing a magic and gags section. we play around with some games for a while then i spot a valerie look alike. imagine my surprise when i realize that the look alike is actually britney spears in disguise. at this point i completely forgot about the birthday party for my nieces.

i walk to exit the store when i bump into a tom hanks impersonator who is dressed like the boy kid from the movie juno (michael cera). he hands out a flyer to a concert that he supposedly drew himself, which reminded me of the vote for pedro flyers from napoleon dynamite.

as soon as i exited the building, i woke up.

i was working from my parent’s house one day and my mom walked into the room i was working in and asked me if something was wrong with the internet. i said nothing was wrong and it was working for me. she pressed the issue and said, “no, i think something is really wrong.” at that point, my internet shut down. i closed my laptop and heard the sound of a mob in the distance — screaming and crying.

my mom looked at me and said, “i think this the end of america as we know it.”

i quickly locked all the doors in the house and walked towards the couch to join my sister in watching what was unfolding on TV. on my way to join her, i looked out the window and saw a mother covering up her deceased young child with a blanket. i saw another mother walking and holding the hand of her toddler-aged child, but as i was watching, the child collapsed.

on the news, there were stories about young and old dying across the world. people were having involuntary muscle movements and just laying on the ground. i remember feeling faint and sitting on the carpet in the TV room.

then i woke up.