am in some openish space around the space needle. the weather starts getting mighty nasty. i’m talking… SHARDS of ice are falling from the sky. everyone’s scared. i pull out something like an umbrella — but not — and shield myself with it. it goes through that thinnish shit, but doesn’t pierce me. luckily. i’m worried about it going into my eye but luck out. the snow starts falling super heavily and a huge block of snow nearly hits where i am. it came out of nowhere, as if the huge avalanche-type block fell from the sky or something. i turn around and run towards the indoors. people are scattering in the streets, but strangely, only one girl is running in the direction i am running. i am kind of following her, but not really. the building we’re running into is kind of like a building in the halls of amador high school (near english classes and my photography class)… from the outside, anyway.

the inside consists of little shop-type things each in their own little space. i pass a bunch and can’t decide which to really go into. i find one that has a lot of people huddled around a fire and table. they stare at me blankly. i think about going in but then i notice that in the short amount of time i’ve been there, snow has been piling atop the rooftops. the ceiling is the kind of white shingle-ish shit (hard to explain) that can easily be replaced. you find it in schools and offices and stuff, and they break easily. they’re little rectangles in the ceiling. anyway. one of those in the middle of the hallway starts buckling in, and snow starts falling from it. i tell everyone we have to get out of there because the roof of the building is flat, and therefore all the snow piles up and has nowhere to go but in the middle. the room that formerly had the fire going in it is starting to cave in. i run outside, and other people somewhat follow but not really. see another building with a similar type of roof when i get outside. don’t remember the rest.