i’m hiking along a nerve-rackingly steep cliff face with my sister, ana.  it is himalayan in proportion — miles and miles down.  i start taking all these pictures with my phone.  we are reaching the end of our trek, when i realize that i dropped the phone somewhere back on the trail.  i turn to go retrieve it, and as i search for a handhold, i realize it has become much more dangerous to try and go back.  vertigo begins to sweep over me…

we find ourselves in what turns out to be an old chinese, maybe buddhist temple.  there is a room full of reptiles: giant bearded dragons that are crawling on top of even larger lizard skulls.  enormous crickets that must have been food for those lizards.

there are other people with us now, and i ask someone about going back for my cell phone.  i’m told that it has been done, but it is a nightmare to attempt…

we are in a courtyard and a number of planes are approaching.  they are stout and rectangular, almost like the spruce moose, and then it’s clear that one of them is struggling to stay in the air.  black smoke is spilling out of it.  it is going to crash on top of us.  we all scatter.  the plane is giant now and roaring towards us.

people yell out to me, “get down!  put your hands down!  get flat!”  i do this just in time: the monster of a plane skids right over me.  then there is a disgusting sound a moment later, and we find a girl who has been crushed.  she is alive.  we all ask for doctors.  they were sent for yesterday, but it was the weekend.  they will arrive this morning, at 9:15.

Part I
i’m driving around some place that is equal parts seattle and my home town of eureka, CA. Riding around in my car, but sometimes on a little electric moped that i referred to as a “scooter”. looking for some place to eat and so i pull over to park. a car parks behind me and out steps my ex with a random guy. she recognizes me and my car, and for whatever reason this freaks me out so i drive a few blocks away but have to stop in a parking lot because the scooter won’t really start. it’s moving, but the engine isn’t running. i try to get it started but no luck. then i see my ex and the guy again, waiting for the bus across the street. i panic and try to speed away out into the street but the damn thing doesn’t want to go. i’m at a stoplight, then i pull over. in the car again i hear vivian’s voice like a voicemail, but i have no cellphone. she is telling me about a dream she just had riding a scooter around town. then it’s my friend lauren leaving the msg, and she’s trying to see if i want to have that drink in honor of my birthday that she promised closer to my birthday, a month ago. i’m looking at the internet and some website for a group of which I’m a part. i recognize a couple of names like jacob and moxie. the website is this crazy hot pink with lots of flowers everywhere.

i wake up. i write this down. then i go back to sleep.

Part II
i’m in the car and i pick up wes. we’re rolling through the city, talkin’ about random stuff and i ask him how he’s really doing. he says, ‘here’s one thing that happened–” and we’re parked and some random girl gets in the car. she looks like sarah, the girl who played the vampire teen in the documentary i really acted in. she doesn’t say anything so i take off. i turn to her and say, ‘where are we going?’ she says, ‘i’m not that young.’ i say, ‘ oh, no, it’s not like that. you got in the car and so i figured i knew who you were but had forgotten. these kind of things usually have a way of making sense.’ i’m looking at this website, maybe dreams. it’s totally revamped (again). all of these people i know like moxie are now posting dreams, along with many people i don’t know. vivian has done something amazing with the design where there are thse semi-transparent shadow figures in the background of each page. they look hand-made. and due to some brilliant technology of the future i can grab them, pull them out of the internet and into the room and they cast these wicked shadows all over the walls. i am really impressed with what vivian has done and i’m about to call her to tell her.

i wake up and send in these dreams!

i just had a dream within a dream.

in the first dream, i was watching tv and realized that i had been chosen from a number contestants to be a reality tv star. i only noticed when i saw the show because they just filmed me, and didn’t tell me. we were all would-be singers trying to make it, and while the songs written by the other participants were the soundtrack to the show, there was footage of me struggling to keep up with them as we rode bicycles up a hill in san francisco. i was obviously the comic relief, but i found out how famous i was when girls started hitting on me as i walked in the park.

suddenly i was in a hotel room. i had “woken up” and was trying to write down the name of the group from the dream. i did (lost to me now, of course). we had been driving through seattle — i remember trying to figure out where we were and looking up to see a space needle about six times as high as the one in real seattle. i was asking what we would do next and my mom of all people said that we were going to smoke out in a bathroom at the pike place market — joints that my father had picked up.

from behind it looked like my real father, but when he turned around it was paul mccartney.

i began to tell paul the dream about being a star. when i told it to him, instead of being in a contest i had been in a real group who was a famous, “hippie band” like the mamas and the papas, ’cause that’s how dream-nick remembered it. paul took offense to “hippie band” and i had to reassure him that even though his music was from the same era, it was not “hippie music”. then i told him that in my dream he was not himself, he was bruce springsteen. he said, “that’s deep.”

i was in somewhere very empty and uninspiring, like a room without any furniture or paint. i was with a girl i wasn’t supposed to be with — that’s just the feeling i had, i didn’t recognize her — in a compromising situation under a blanket. suddenly, people flooded in. it was embarrassing, and i struggled to get my pants on.

a woman approached me and shuffled me towards a hallway. her family was with her, at the back of the group were three little boys. i passed them up as we were making our way down the hall towards an exit. she turned to me and, noticing that the boys were not there, shrieked, “can’t you even do your job? you were supposed to be at the back of the line!”

a feeling of immense dread consumed me, and with heart racing, i sped around the corner. the boys were still there in the empty room, but something was wrong. i called to them, grabbed the two closest and, despite their protests, began forcing them down the hall. they were resistant, but i overpowered them in my fear and managed to hurl them down towards the exit.

the last little boy was standing alone in the middle of the empty room.

shadows were growing. i called to him, but, in some absent-minded haze, he dawdled in place. with wide eyes and my heart in my throat i snatched him up under my arm and started to race towards the hallway. just as i was reaching it, something big and black snatched him from under my arm and he was gone. i was too late.

a soundtrack began playing alone with the dream. a voice like vincent price’s started to narrate, “mysterious things happen late in the night…”