i’m in a group of people that is training for some specialized game/contest. the group is very large (everyone that will be competing in the constest) but within that group, there are smaller teams that will be working together to win when the contest gets started.

i’m training with my team. this is very video game like. the room has many levels of which i can seemingly fly between each. our weapons are balls and i have one softball, which seemingly is better because it’s bigger. we basically go around pegging opposition teams.

eventually we learn the details of the contest. it’s a race to find some water which has some magical properties??? this water could be stored in any type of container, and i don’t recall any hints about where it is to be found, but i am not concerned. we are also upgrading from balls to guns and i get the sense that this is now a battle to the death.

the teams start running. my team strategically chooses to take cover immediately as the start will be the most hectic as all the teams are in close proximity. gunfire goes on for awhile. when it seems to settle down, we start off. there are lots of dead bodies at the start line.

we make progress without seeing many people. the ones we do see are fighting amongst themselves so we pass them by. we occasionally shoot one if we had deemed them to be quality competition (based on our training).

we eventually get to a church/clothing store. there are pews etc, but also tiered displays with racks of clothing.

i see a can of surge on one of the pews. i’m highly suspicious of it. i go to taste it to see if it is in fact surge. it is not. it certainly must be the magical water! All of a sudden a swat team floods the macys/Chappel. i hide the pop can in my pants. the other teams have arrived, but obviously are not shooting because of the swat team. oddly enough they don’t seem to care that we are all carrying fire arms. they start searching people. i’m very worried that they will find the surge can, or expose to the other teams that i have it (thus resulting in my doom). As i’m being inspected my teammates give me nervous looks. i somehow pass undetected and walk out of the building.

as i get about a block away, the building explodes. i run back to the hideout with more swat hot on my tail. i run to the room where our main organizer/leader normally is. he is not there. the swat team is in the house looking for me. i look through the desk to see what’s there. there are HUNDREDS of pictures of me and my team. Plans drawn out. it becomes apparent that i was the focus of the entire contest. the guns had been fakes, and the entire group had been in on it (including my team). it seems i was being set up as the fallguy for this explosion.

i submit to being arrested by the swat team, telling them that they will find all the evidence they need to prove my innocence in the room. the begin searching for the leader of the contest, but continue to hold me captive until everything is cleared up.

i don’t remember much about the start of this dream but i had a heart attack (which i experienced the pain and internal feeling) and was in the hospital.

i had the feeling that something was very wrong with me and that the problem was above the heads of the doctors that were treating me. i demanded to be seen by doctor house. they refused.

eventually i end up having a second heart attack. somehow i now realize that i have a large clot running around my circulatory system that could kill me at any moment if it went to my brain/lungs/heart(again). the doctors do not believe me.

as i’m trying to explain how dangerous my situation is i start to feel pressure and pain build up in my right leg/hip area. i deduce that the clot is causing an infarction (the same thing that caused house’s leg issue). i try to push the clot through with my hands and all of a sudden it breaks free and the pressure in my legs is massive. it feels like i’m forcing playdough through my arteries. the clot starts to run through my arteries/veins but the clot is massive. so much so that my veins and arteries are buldging off my skin and i can see the clot running through my entire leg.

one doctor tells me that it’s not just a regular clot. somehow there is fecal matter mixed in there as well. they finally believe that i’m in great danger. i insist that they give me blood thinners to thin out the clot (ps: i don’t think this works) but they are arguing amongst themselves. despite the fact that i’m seemingly going to die at any moment i’m much more confident now that my case is weird enough that doctor house would have to take it.

i’m at work, for some reason though my engineering firm i work for is working on the production of a play so the whole thing takes place on a stage.  there are two layers of set design.  each layer starts from the right side of the stage.  the first one is about 6 feet tall and crosses half the stage, the second one is 8 feet tall and covers 3/4 of the stage.

each of the sets is just a simple colored wall (light bluish).  my main area of concern seems to be inbetween the two.  it seems that i have a few responsibilities.  my main responsibility is to be the personal assistant to one of the main actors.  i feed him lines, help him with his costume etc.  my second duty is to play a small role of a character that is never seen by the audience.  i think it’s a small boy.

it seems like most of the characters are puppets maybe?  but people control them (keep in mind, each of the actors are people i work with, but we’re engineers even in the dream.  this is like some cooky side project).  i bring up the fact that we are not trained professional actors, set designers, writers, etc and that this play is going to suck massively.  no one else seems to care.  they seem to be concerned with whether we’ll have enough fake snow to drop on the stage for the final scene, where some asian guy runs across the stage with a doll?  it’s supposed to mean something to the audience, like a twist to the end of the play.

now it’s the end of the play, right after the asian guy has run across the stage.  except now the stage is on a big snow covered mountain, and i have a new job.  there are little asian kids and their parents all around and it’s my job to safely deliver them to the top of the mountain.  luckily there is a rope tow on the side of the stage and a bunch of sleds for me to put the kids on.  there are two types of sleds, the smaller type (made for the smallest children) has a retractable cover.  i sit the a kid on one of these and try to cover him up but he’s too big, so i move him to the next sled.  this sled lets the kid sit down with his legs out (rather than indian style) and the cover only goes just over top of his head rather than covering the whole sled like the small ones.  i set the cover over him and set him on the snow trying to figure out  how to hook him onto the rope tow.  eventually i figure it out and he starts up the hill.  his parents are freaking out.  i decide they probably have a valid concern since i have no idea why we’re on a mountain, where the rope tow goes, or how the kid is gonna get off.

i don’t care, i proceed to the next kid.  this one fits in the small sled.  i put him on the rope tow as well.  then i decide that the rope tow looks fun, so i jump on a sled myself and go up the mountain.

i’m part of a group of people with super powers. i have no idea what my power is, nor the details of most of my compatriots (thus far). we’re traveling to a house. this house has something in it that we desire, i’m not sure what. i realize that the leader of our group is a guy from my HS, jonathan. another guy is traveling in an interesting way. he apparently has the ability to control the motion of objects with his mind, but for some reason it’s not in the typical way that super heroes do this. he’s riding in a car, but it’s not driving, it’s floating along with us. i jump in.

we arrive at the house. jonathan warns us that there are bad guys in the house that will try to fight us. i decide this is sweet, since having super powers is only cool when you get to kick the shit out of stuff. we go into the house. at first it seems rather empty, but then we go through a basement and deeper into the house. i get the feeling that the house is like some sort of indiana jones secret underground temple, but so far it’s just old basements one after the other.

we finally meet a foe. i pull out a deck of cards, apparently i’m a gambit like character…but unlike gambit, my card throwing abilities are only mediocre at best. i throw a card at the foe, but miss pathetically. this goes on for a while; i get embarrassed. the floating car guy decides he’s going to attack the thing with a pencil, but the pencil moves very slowly and fly’s like it’s drunk. during this whole time the foe doesn’t really do much. i decide to hell with it, and just beat him up with my bare hands, which is surprisingly easy and results in him being left in small pieces.

we continue onto the next room. this room has a baby, but it apparently is also against us. i decide that it is not all that threatening, so rather than beat it into pieces i just punch it a few times. it looked at me the wrong way. for some reason my view now shifts to the floating guy. i try to control the pencil, and i now realize why it’s so slow and drunk-like. my view is directly behind the pencil, but rather than driving the pencil, it’s like my mind is moving the rest of the world around the pencil. this is decidedly difficult to do.

i now shift back to myself. jonathan announces that the foes regenerate in about 5 minutes time. this worries me, so i go back to check on the previously defeated foe to see if he has regenerated. he has, but for some reason he’s like…a plant. i tear the plant apart so that it has to start regenerating again. i return to the group, but am now worried about the logistics of having to defeat all the foes, get to our goal, and then having to defeat them again on the way out (a common concern amongst MMO players).

i wake up.

i’m hanging out with a group of “friends”.  i don’t recognize any of them except the loud one.  who is sean from LA (a friend of my cousin).  we’re drinking, hanging out, playing guitar hero.  i then realize that we’re about to be late for our intramural soccer game.

we jump in sean’s car.  it’s a jaguar…but has the rear end that’s like a truck.  i jump in the back of the truckuar (which is what i’ve decided it’s called) and we race off.  we’re going wayyy too fast.  we end up hitting something, i don’t see what and we flip over.  The truckuar breaks in half at the bit that seperates the car part from the truck part.  somehow i just step out onto the pavement completely naturally and i’m fine.

i am still very concerned about the fact that we’re going to miss the game, so i urge everyone to get into the car part and continue to the field arguing that the car would still go since it’s front wheel drive.

i then decide that we cannot in fact go until i fix the grill of the car which is quite unique.  the grill is a normal grill, but then it has a fine chain link mesh (like chain link armor) that is held by 4 screws. the mesh has fallen off in the accident and i have to fix it for some reason.  i fix the mesh when the guys from the other car (which we apparently hit) start a fight with us.  we have more people than them since we’re an entire team so i’m pretty confident.  but then i wake up…

i’m somewhere where there isn’t access to hospital. an island or something. i am the medical expert amongst the people that are there. for some reason, a lot of the people need various transplants ranging from standard heart, kidney, etc to arms or legs. which i realize makes no sense — but for some reason, I don’t really care. i have access to numerous dead bodies. despite the fact that they are dead, i don’t see any problems with using them as transplant donors. i am even looking for transplants for people that are my hated enemies (although i don’t know why). however, i’m having trouble matching the blood types of the bodies that have good organs/legs/arms available. for some reason, it was kind of boring, actually. i wasn’t really like… stressed or anything. it felt like, daily business, sort of.

inspiration: watching “lost” before going to bed.

i’m in my house and i get the feeling that a number of bad entities are after me. i realize that i’m not a human… i’m a pig, and so are the members of my family. the bad entities are wolves. i still haven’t actually seen any of my family members, but i seem to think that i need to search the house to warn them about the wolves, but that the wolves could be anywhere, so i have to be sneaky. luckily, i’m very confident because it’s my house (in real life), so i know all the tricks of how to get around and where to hide. i jump out my window onto the roof to avoid using the house’s main hallways as the wolves will surely be there. i spend the rest of the dream weaving in and out of the house looking for my family or wolves, but never finding them. despite this fact, i am constantly stressed about the situation.