at some crazy bar with something like karaoke, only not really; it’s for dancing, instead. people pick songs and then two ladies — well, two rotating pairs of two ladies — play songs on the piano and get people riled up. i remember in particular on song with really fucking amazing piano and two black women are playing it and the’ve gotten more attention on themselves, i think, than the dancers are interested in dancing. the one sitting on the left of the piano (they are sharing) is particularly amazing, jerry lee lewis style, and i am astounded. get the sense that troy is not pleased with me.

fast-forward and troy and some other people and i are walking around outside. pass by a block where on one corner is a giant building with red poofy letters; it’s some sort of donut shop only it doesn’t look like that at all; someone has described it as akin to what a keg?? would look like if turned into a building. that or something similar. on the opposite block, mars hill church, only they have similar poofy letters, as though they have purchased the adjacent building from the donut people, and their sign is all fucked up, half saying they are mars hill church and half saying donut stuff and popping out here and there super fucking strangely. soon, we drive somewhere and get out of a car. three other people go in and shua and i are outside discussing what to eat, and i feel like i can’t afford anything at this mexican restaurant we’re about to go to, and then realize that i might be able to eat some tacos! go inside and when i first enter, some mexican dude says hola china (intent — he actually says something slightly different), and i say hola, and we all sit down and there are maybe six people, and my mom is there. i am in a corner, near a doorway, actually, perched atop a doorway, and my mom is at the table to my left, troy at the table to my right, some people at both tables with them. i am vaguely looking in my mom’s direction and she keeps telling me not to look because she is afraid i will get the dude’s attention, and i say i talk to mexican people all the time and it is never unfriendly and they are never super serious about wanting to get with me. i say that that’s happening in los angeles, peru… all while perched up high, near the ceiling. at one point i say really definitively and authoritatively, “we shouldn’t fear other people,” and i say this and take a huge bite of food, and then put my index finger up to signal that i am going to say something else, just as sherry starts to say something. the elderly man next to my mom acknowledges aloud that i am going to say something else — and he seemed impressed by my first statement — and i say add, “unless they look really crazy. you can always tell the really crazy ones. they got crazy eye,” as i recall in my memory one i had seen recently (in the dream) who was batshit insane and looked very obviously that way. beneath me is a really thin and narrow doorway, and three-five men have just come to the restaurant. the first of them says, “there’s a doorway here,” and the others follow. the third man is so tall that he has to duck to pass me as i am perched up in the doorway. after this, i come back down and talk a little at troy and sherry’s table…

None of these dream symbols mean anything to me.

I am standing outside a Chinese restaurant, looking in to see if I want to eat it. End up going in and approaching two dudes at a table to see if the food is good. End up sitting down and waitress comes over to talk to me in Chinese. I forget what we talk about. I eat some jellyfish salad – but later on it has transformed into something else. There is some kind of transformation or something negative; I can’t remember what though I remembered it when I first woke up and relayed it to Troy (forgot it after not writing it down). There is also some vague inkling that I’ve spoken Spanish in that dream or the one before it.

To dream that you are in a restaurant suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by decisions and choices that you need to make in your life. Alternatively, it indicates that you are seeking for emotional nourishment outside of your social support system.

To see a table in your dream represents social unity and family connections. If the table is broken, wobbly or not functional, then it suggests some dissension in a group. It may also refer to a sense of insecurity. Perhaps there is something you cannot hold inside any longer and need to bring it out in the open.

To see meals in your dream suggest that you are dwelling too much on trivial matters, causing your attention to be diverted from important issues. Alternatively, you may be lacking spiritual enrichment and sensual expression.

To see a jellyfish in your dream represents painful memories that is emerging from your unconscious. There may be hidden hostility or aggression in some aspect of your waking relationship or situation. Alternatively, a jellyfish indicates feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. Perhaps there is some situation in which you are unable to assert yourself.

To see or eat a salad in your dream suggests that you need to express your feelings and take in the positive influences in your life needed for personal growth. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are longing for nature and good health.

i was running in a marathon with a few of my friends, and we stopped for a bathroom break, and my friend goes, “are you on your period?” and i said, “no, not for a couple of days.” but when i went to the bathroom, i had my period. some story happened in the bathroom, but i can’t remember – something about rachel bilson being in it. for some odd reason, the next scene i remember is in chinatown, at a dim sum restaurant. we were getting ready to order while we waited for people. but now my family is there. so are my girl friends. i am sitting there and i realize it is this girl named ann’s birthday. i look outside and see a flower vendor. so i start looking for cash in my backpack to buy her a flower. i can’t find any. i ask my mom for some. she didn’t have any either, i guess.

oh yeah, and my cousin is talking to my mom about getting a discount at a retail store my mom worked at, i guess.

this guy named biagio that i know says he has some, but it might be in his beret in his car. i’m finally reaching into my bag and i don’t find cash, but i find one of my uncashed paychecks for $1k or something, but it was dated for 2001. i get pissed at myself because i had never noticed it was missing. i ask my mom where there is an atm, and she says downtown. i put the check in my shirt so i don’t forget. the end. i wake up reaching for where i think my check is.

i send out a myspace bulletin asking if anyone wants to go to a movie with me, which is odd behavior to begin with. i don’t recall anyone responding, but before i know it, i’m at lars’ apartment complex and to get to his apartment, we have to cross through a metal gate and then walk down this like, really shallow sloped hallway. he has a deflated ball the size of a baseball in his hand and holds it up, smiling. i’m not sure why, but then i see that he has thrown it town the sloped area and was trying to make it hit the button to the left of the door that automatically makes the door opened for handicapped people. he misses, so i try. then a couple other people show up — i think eugene and someone else equally random — and i try throwing the ball at the handicapped door opener thing. but there are all sorts of people out and about now, and i’m afraid of accidentally hitting someone. also, now the ceiling is lower and it seems near impossible to be able to throw the ball and hit the opener. i make a vague, weak attempt and fail at hitting it, by a long shot.

so eventually we go onto the movie theatre, which is in olympia. the quest there is not something that i remember; i only remember actually being there. it’s in an old movie house with dark carpeting and dim lighting. i’m standing around the snack dispensing counter area and now lenny is here… him, lars, and eugene (or maybe random guy) run off into another room and start chatting it up. i’m with some other people who i don’t know but i think i am speaking to? a lot of time passes, or at least it feels like it, and i’m not sure exactly what time the movie starts but i feel like maybe it has already started, so i run into the other room and tell the three boys it’s time to go watch the movie. they seem rather surprised.

we go to the rooms with the theatres, and they are these little tiny rooms set up like dining rooms. they have tables and chairs strewn throughout. we sit in the far right corner (upon first walking in). i need to go to the bathroom so i tell the three of them that i’ll be right back. i go to the bathroom. it’s white tile. it’s crowded. there are three people in stalls already and one girl in front of me, who soon goes into a stall. the girl behind me grabs a key from somewhere in that bathroom and leaves, saying she is going to use the kitchen bathroom.

finally a couple girls are done. one opens the door and the floor is all wet. i think that’s gross, but it’s no big deal. then she says, “i think i already clogged it.” i look and there is just poop all over the floor — these huge ass long ass poops. and inside the toilet bowls too. three other stalls open up. they are all the same. just fucking covered with shit. i don’t know if i actually go poop because it is all so disgusting. i see two mini-sinks and think about using those for pooping somehow but i don’t. fuck, it’s pretty gross. words cannot describe the grossness… although, strangely, it didn’t smell? O__o

i go back to the movie room and the three boys are still sitting in the same table configuration (lenny to my left, lars to my across diagonal, random person to my across), but the table is located elsewhere now. it’s no longer the corner table. lenny says, “you were gone ten minutes!” like that was a long time or something. him and lars are going to start a business together or something… the movie has amazingly still not begun yet.

so i visited huy at this nice restaurant that just happened to be — drivable? i was just talking to him, and i saw the driver, and for a sec, he looked kinda cute. i walked away and came back and huy was like, “that’s funny, we talked about you after you left.” i said, “what about?” and he said the guy thought i was hitting on him and that he’s engaged. i was thinking, who cares — not like i liked the guy. so huy and i hang out and he’s cooking or something and he drops the bread on the floor on accident. huy also tells me he makes $1k a night and i’m like, “wow, on top of your normal job?!” and then that driver guy walks by and he says hi to me and i realize: a) he’s ugly and b) he’s hella short. i was like, “damn huy, he’s hella short and he also told me he was a little kid (16!).” then huy and i drive home. the end.

chol, jennie, someone i am with, and i go to eat dinner at this dimly-lit restaurant. we enter and go straight to the back to sit at an outside table… like shitty metal table and shitty metal chairs type thing. i think anyway. maybe there was a tablecloth. anyway.

chol had chosen the restaurant because he had been there once. he suggested the platter with things like “fried dumplings” on it. i was not entirely stoked on the matter and jennie seemed to be in the same boat as i on that regard. there was a mention about how i didn’t want to eat fried foods. jennie did find something on the menu worth eating. i didn’t.

i was flipping through the menu and there’s just nasty ass shit. there’s like these photos of snails and then there’d be like, one of those “enlargement circles” that zoomed in closely on what the snails looked like in detail. they were really, really small snails… like… half of your pinky nail in size. i don’t even know how someone would eat that, but it was on the menu. above that was something else equally gross, with the same enlargement circle, but i don’t remember what it was.

the waitress came by and i was going to point at some dish and ask about it but for some reason she thought i had pointed at “monkey brains,” and began to say that it was great, but was i ready to eat it? i adamantly said, no no no no that is not what i was pointing at… but i’m not sure what i was pointing at to begin with. i guess me and the waitress left the table and went off to the inside of the restaurant… inside, she showed me a different menu with some more savory appetizer options, like cheese stuffed jalapenos and some other simple things. i was not understanding quite why this menu was not given to us initially but she didn’t much explain.

the chef came by at some point to give her a dish or talk to her, as i was talking to her. he had a dark mustache and possibly a dark beard. had an accent, although i’m not sure what kind — it was just a feeling i had.