there is a rave going on that is along the lines of how sxsw is. every venue in seattle is holding separate electronic-music events; something that would pretty much never, ever happen here. especially because the venues in my dream are all really far away from one another.

jennie is there, running around (not literally). there’s some confusion about the events. i’m standing around with a group of people outside some venue that is playing some really wicked drum n’ bass, and i comment on how awesome it sounds. but no one wants to go in. i seem to be the only one who wants to. i’m under the impression that they want to attend some other show that is playing dubstep or reggae or something. i think we leave.

later on, i’m sitting on a toilet in a bathroom, but the bathroom has like, no walls. it’s pretty much in an open warehouse-type space. i am not at all bashful about peeing in front of a room full of people, for some reason.

anthony’s friend, john is there. except his name isn’t john. his name is like… derrick andre something something. those probably aren’t even the right names, but basically his name was a four part name with four first names. or at least three first names and a last name.

john or derrick ” ” ” starts hitting on me, i think. while i’m sitting on the toilet, i also think. HAHAHA. i don’t think it was outright. it was almost as if it were mutual and already acknowledged; it was kind of implied.