i’m with nick from couchsurfing, and we go to a movie. jeanette is sitting next to me briefly and she asks if he’s the guy we met this other day at dinner, but evidently, that was peter, who is also from couchsurfing. at one point, nick said something about making dinner sometime even though he was leaving for colorado, and i put my hand on his cheek and kinda pulled his head towards mine so that the sides of our heads touched, and said, “aww.” eventually, he pulls his arm super awkwardly around my shoulder and it seems he is kind of trying to feel down my pants, which is awkward a little, given the setting. i looked over and he is naked on his bottom half. i don’t see anything because his shirt is long and covers things, but i know he’s wearing no pants.

we leave shortly after and pass by this apple grove area that becky and emme own. i switch to an out-of-my-body view and see them picking fruits. before leaving the theatre (way back when), jeanette left but nick said he’d go home with me for cooking purposes. in my mind, it seemed that we had already eaten, although we hadn’t in the dream. he said something about whether chris could hear my bed, and i wondered how he knew chris in the first place. we get there to my house and don’t really go inside for a while. my house is not my actual house; it’s a pretty tall, kind of old, tan-colored apartment building that is nearly as wide as it is tall (although i think it’s slightly taller).

outside, some people have dumped a FUCKLOAD of water on the street at the top of the hill, and it all floods down the streets and sends everyone down the asphalt hill, like a giant waterslide or something. one naked large fat lady in particular stands out. i join the crowd briefly by falling into the water, stomach-first, fully-clothed, but the water fails to move me, even though it’s moving people much larger than me. i go to nick, who is standing on the side of the road, and now he’s not a white dude, but a black dude. we go inside and it’s actually not my house, but a restaurant. i tell nick about the fat naked lady, saying that she had the body of pam, like that painted a perfect picture or something. he’s not black anymore, or white. he’s asian, and he has really long hair flowing down past his shoulders and suddenly, i find myself very unattracted to him.

inspiration: i talked to nick before sleeping… about replacing my camera and some uncertain things.

lenny and i have broken up obviously and apparently it is now a fairly well-known fact that jeanette and lenny are trying to hook up with one another. disturbing, obviously. we’re at some house, though, and i’m trying to seduce lenny sexually. apparently this is also fairly well-known, and we’re in some room together, him on the bed, me walking around, and jeanette comes in and goes to use the bathroom in this room, and doesn’t say anything else, really, but is just trying to be unobvious in her obvious attempts to see what we were doing.

at some point i freak the fuck out about the idea that they’re trying to get together and like slap the shit out of lenny. lol. quite uncomfortable!!!

later on, we all go to some store. i don’t know what is going on there but i think i have my hands down lenny’s pantalones at some point. and then i have them down my pantalones but it feels like my hands are down his pantalones :0 (aka penis).

we go inside and there’s this busy busy store with lots of trinkets and jeanette has a big bag. she wants to steal this weird little collection of items that are displayed on one sheet of cardboard yet don’t really have anything to do with one another. she starts stuffing stuff in her bag and to my right, i see a camera, but i don’t mention it because i think that the rack right next to me will be blocking the camera.

i am looking at a rack full of little puff stickers thinking of what to get roxanne or someone. on that rack also, there are some rubber bands of the awesome kind that i used to get from taiwan that don’t stick to your hair when you pull them out. sherry and i are marveling over them and we each decide to buy a pack.

then later on we’re all gathered and sitting for some meeting or display put on by the store owners for us. halfway through the meeting, the demonstrator gets a phone call and she picks it up and then hangs up and walks over to jeanette’s bag and pulls out the stolen items. jeanette is obviously freaking out and i am slightly nervous because it turned out i had forgotten to pay for those rubber bands i wanted to buy!

i’m at a high-end department store, and there is much talk of this new kind of plastic surgery. it’s weird. sherry is talking with a representative, and there is mention of cutting LEGS down the middle. i am sickened by the thoughts. sherry mentions how jeanette got the plastic surgery and messed up her legs because she paid little mind to the price, and that she wrecklessly put the vials into her cells. i didn’t quite understand at the time, but i guess jeanette’s butt turned out good? i walk around the store and finally kinda understood what sherry was talking about. the store was largely white and there are all these demos and colorful vials. apparently the new mode of plastic surgery involves cutting open body parts, and then implanting the contents of the colorful vials — each of which do different things — into the cells of the opened body part.

i go back to where sherry was, and some rich lady joins in and explains the process to me. she gives sherry five dollars — i don’t know why — and she takes it.

later, sherry, phil, and i are walking up these carpeted stairwells. very narrow. they only go up and have no space to go down. they’re like… half stairs. the carpet is blue and is like a “runner” carpet that just goes down the center of the stairs. it looks like regular stairs but when you start to step, it’s more like two stairs per every stair… if that makes sense.

later, i’m at versailles… yes, in france. i’m approaching in some black car, sitting in the back seat section. i say, “i’ve been here before.” not sure who else is in the car with me, but it’s full. everything is very white at versailles… the color palette i mean. there is a stereotypical french costumed girl walking around, with tall, white marie antoinette type hair. some girl is mad because it’s her last week in france and she doesn’t want to be going on no art tour. not that versailles is really an art tour.

it turns into halloween. crazy costumed people are running around. my family, annie chen, tina chen, and people are there. they all seem to be content with sitting and doing nothing. i go explore. my mom is at a giant metal door and she turns the key and opens it, takes a glance in, closes it, and leaves without talking to me. looks like there are metal torture device type things in there, but they’re rusty. i try to go in through that door but two women are coming out and direct me like ten feet down to my left, to the “entrance”. i go.

as i open the door to the entrance, “scary music” comes blaring out. before i go in, i’m stopped by a man dressed up as a goblin and a woman dressed up as a goblin wench. the man is very white (not by race, by color) and keeps telling me to “look at this”, as he is unbuttoning his pants. i avoid looking at him. by the fifth time he asks, i look down, and there’s this bright red dildo sticking out of his pants, with two penises on the end of it. i don’t think those even exist??? he cackles and i go inside.

a kid is running around with a knife, going nuts. he seems mentally unstable. i wrestle the knife out of his hands. he stabs me through the hand, but i get the knife from him. i go outside and i’m bleeding. to my right is a food stand of sorts. the boy’s brother is there with a family friend boy, and he is threatening the family friend, saying the family friend caused the little brother to have a knife. i stash the knife — which now is long, skinny, and tapered on the top — on the top of a tin box which is built into the wall (kinda like a fire extinguisher). a big bulky chef comes from behind the food stand. i thought he was going to stop the boys from fighting, but no. he wants the knife. he has a nub arm — missing the front half of his arm and his hands, and he takes the knife to cut off the end of his nub. WHY. i don’t know.

somehow i’m in a hallway now. i call for help with tying a tourniquet around my hand because i mean, it’s my fucking hand that’s hurt, imma have a helluva time tying it. there are a lot of people. no one helps me. now the little boy has been stabbed too and there’s an old lady dying in an all white hallway. everyone cares about the little boy and old lady but no one cares about me. no one helps. i tell the boy’s brother that i was stabbed by the boy so he should help me, but he doesn’t. two guys are easing granny into her death. she is lying down on the floor and they are speaking with her about death. she’s wearing a grey sweater dress of sorts. i find a bulky green rag to use as a tourniquet, but no one helps me and it’s too thick to tie myself.

* figured i should mention this since a lot of people seem to be looking up information about who jason mraz is dating and getting to this site. this is a dream. i don’t know jason mraz, nor can i control my thoughts about him. *

i’m dating hella people at once. jason mraz, hubert (or hugh or something), lenny, and one other guy. hubert is like, an older german guy from the internet that i am dating as a joke. i’m primarily interested in jason mraz. not sure how we meet, but it is a chance meeting and i feel special and lucky that i’ve gotten the chance to meet him and have gotten his attention in THAT way.

we have sex. two people, a couple, are watching over the edge of a bed or something, silently. uh jason mraz is standing and i am lying down on the bed. he says something about how he has a big penis – 6mm? or some kind of weird system of measure that i’ve not heard of before. It doesn’t feel particularly like that’s the case. he’s done asap and is a sweaty mess. i assume and feel like he probably hasn’t had sex in ages. it feels like nothing to me, by the way. (this is not because the size of his penis mind you, it is because i don’t really derive pleasure from sex in dreams.)

later i’m in this kitchen, talking to someone about all of my various boyfriends. the guy i am talking to is surprised i have so many. later that evening, i’m waiting for mraz to come home and i worry that he may not come home. i’m in the kitchen area and it crosses my mind that our family will be seeing cirque du soleil on thursday and i need an extra ticket (i think for someone other than mraz, strangely enough). sherry says that her family has an extra but she’s not sure if they still have one.

soon, mraz comes home late and i’m happy. he waltzes in and i’m sitting at a table with my parents, in a brightly lit room. he plants a kiss on me casually after doing a little twirl upon first entering… he seems to be chipper. i introduce him to my parents slowly, and i’m not quite sure how it goes. i wake up and “i’m yours” (by mraz) is stuck in my head.

inspiration: what can i say? i watched jason mraz videos before going to bed yesterday. and i’ve been reading the book “lolita,” who has a main character named humphrey or something. also, i’m going to cirque du soleil this friday. pretty much point by point mundane and predictable but not really.

strange fuckin shit! i wish i remembered more of it.

started off at a huge beach/mansion party. there were a lot of familiar faces (too bad i can’t remember many at this point!) but we were all having a blast. it was really crowded and i can’t even remember if i was smoking (probably!) but then all of a sudden i  was with a guy and a girl, both of whom i was good friends with, and we saw this big bus/van pull up in the driveway and i think we heard over the radio or some loudspeaker that it was a HUGE drug bust. we knew they were coming for us, i don’t think i specifically had any weed on me, but we started dispersing. all of a sudden it was chaos, people everywhere, cops (maybe plain clothed?) were filtering through the party. it was madness.

then i remember being next to the big dog cop. i can’t remember what was happening but then i remember me taking him to a bedroom where i think my (non-existent) daughter was in the bathroom. i remember telling the cop to leave her alone. i think it was insinuated that i would um? sleep with him? or something along those lines to get out of trouble. at this point, it’s really calm. as i exit the bedroom (nothing happened!) the house had completely cleared out.

then i don’t know what happened with that scenario but all of a sudden it was night. i’m not sure how this scene started, but i do remember there was a start. but there was an ambulance and paramedics and one of them got left behind. so i was walking up this steep hill with one of the (lady) paramedics and then there was some sort of house call and she met her fellow paramedics there. i asked if i could come along and she said, “sure, as long as you don’t mind getting into the ambulance afterwards” – and ya, i think i accompanied her to some house. and from there, i really can’t remember.

damn, finally a cool dream and my memory has failed me. dammit.

i was in somewhere very empty and uninspiring, like a room without any furniture or paint. i was with a girl i wasn’t supposed to be with — that’s just the feeling i had, i didn’t recognize her — in a compromising situation under a blanket. suddenly, people flooded in. it was embarrassing, and i struggled to get my pants on.

a woman approached me and shuffled me towards a hallway. her family was with her, at the back of the group were three little boys. i passed them up as we were making our way down the hall towards an exit. she turned to me and, noticing that the boys were not there, shrieked, “can’t you even do your job? you were supposed to be at the back of the line!”

a feeling of immense dread consumed me, and with heart racing, i sped around the corner. the boys were still there in the empty room, but something was wrong. i called to them, grabbed the two closest and, despite their protests, began forcing them down the hall. they were resistant, but i overpowered them in my fear and managed to hurl them down towards the exit.

the last little boy was standing alone in the middle of the empty room.

shadows were growing. i called to him, but, in some absent-minded haze, he dawdled in place. with wide eyes and my heart in my throat i snatched him up under my arm and started to race towards the hallway. just as i was reaching it, something big and black snatched him from under my arm and he was gone. i was too late.

a soundtrack began playing alone with the dream. a voice like vincent price’s started to narrate, “mysterious things happen late in the night…”

at alice [p from high school]’s house. two days in a row she has been in my dream. weird. joleen is there too, not that i was even ever friends with her. i think it was joleen, anyway. we’re watching tv on a projector. a bunch of images go by, and there’s one of me with two other girls and i am in the middle of them and i am naked. but i have like, no boobs. i look like a boy physique-wise, but it’s me. it’s weird that it’s in there and i tell them to change the slide, but asides from that, i’m not too shocked or surprised or angry. i get up and go to the bathroom, and the bathroom is behind this little pull out wooden door type thing. i close the door behind me. the floor is like… covered with period blood. but it’s not like, just dripped blood, it’s like after someone on her period has taken a shower and the blood is mixed with water. that blood is everywhere. pretty sick. it’s alice’s. i’m grossed out a LITTLE and i wipe it off but still stand barefoot in the bloody floor (it’s not COVERED or anything, mind you, but it’s significant enough to be gross). i’m not as disgusted as i would be in real life.