In a giant room. There are magical performances going on and the last girl is “up.” I am with Troy. The room is cluttered full of items. Her performance INSANELY, with some announcement (or maybe even psychic message or maybe literal message over loudspeaker) that says that this lady’s dance is to combat male-ness — or something along those lines, anyway. It begins with her at the center, pop-and-locking, while a bunch of dudes try and fight her. She is wearing a crop top and baggy pants, like Aaliyah with bad early ‘90s fashion. There is a slow-motion dance move she is doing, and it looks like there is an invisible sphere around her that the enemies cannot penetrate, though I think that’s just an illusion initially. Soon, though, the magic seems to become real and all these crazy objects and happenings begin to happen, and Troy and I are sitting facing it “head-on,” as though she were on a stage in front of us and we are exactly centered in the back of the room watching her… and we begin to wonder aloud how these things are happening and I begin wondering internally if it is only because of our perspective that this magic looks like magic or if it is actually magic. We also wonder if she is making the performance happen. it looks like a three-dimensional animation or rendering or something, not real life; all of the components look rather polished. At this point, many items are magnetized on the ground, and they all begin moving around in a path that she determines — a really complicated path, where every item has their own individual arc and story, like God commanding the lives of each person. At one point, I am on the far side of the room (well actually, I’ve moved diagonally, towards the “front right corner”) and I am near these balloons that she is guiding around on her “magnetic track.” The fascinating thing is that though these objects have a controlled route that they are set on — which magical lady determines — they are also free to be controlled by the other people in the room (again, like God). I find myself drawn to the white balloons, though there are many objects in the room. I hit over and over again one balloon in particular, but find that it always goes back to where it wanted to be and I find this so amusing I giggle. I also hit around a really small white pebble as I’m moving from the front right of the stage to the center middle, where the performer is. But soon, she crumples, and Taraka from Prince Rama emerges from I don’t know where, with really tender energy, and goes to see if she is alright. She is not responsive, and Taraka (or someone) is told to call the performer’s mother. And slowly, everything in the room becomes less magnetized, and it dawns on me that she WAS really controlling everything…

To dream that you are in a theater signifies your social life. Consider how the performance parallels to situations in your waking life. Observe how the characters relate to you and how they may represent an aspect of yourself. You may be taking on a new role. Alternatively, the dream is a metaphor that you are being too theatrical or too melodramatic. Are you being a dream queen?

To perform or dream of magic suggests that you need to look at things from a different view or approach your problems from a new angle in order to successfully move forward. Alternatively, magic symbolizes creativity and wonder. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. The dream may also be a metaphor that you or someone is “up to some trick”.
To dream of black magic implies that you have obtained your wishes and wants through underhanded tricks. It also symbolizes deception, evil and treachery.

To see or dream that you are a magician signifies that an issue or a task at hand may be trickier than you had anticipated. You are feeling disillusioned. Alternatively, the dream means that you are trying to fool yourself or someone into believing something that you know is not true.

To dream of a magnet, denotes that evil influences will draw you from the path of honor. A woman is probably luring you to ruin. To a woman, this dream foretells that protection and wealth will be showered upon her.
To see a magnet in your dream symbolizes negative forces that are drawing you towards a path of dishonor and ruin. Alternatively, the dream signifies personal empowerment. Some force is bonding or uniting your relationships together. The dream may also be a metaphor for your magnetic personality.

Spiritually, dancing has always been taken to represent the rhythm of life. The patterns created are reputed to mirror the patterns of creativity. If space and time are part of one continuum, movement and the flow of dance link the two together. Psychologically, dance can be a reinforcement of freedom of movement, strength and emotion. Ballet in particular portrays an ethereal appreciation of mood; flamenco and other such energetic dancing reflect passion. Dance has always represented freedom and been symbolic of other actions which were necessary for survival. To be dancing in a dream portrays the creation of happiness, feeling at one with the surroundings and possibly getting closer or more intimate with a partner.

To see balloons in your dream indicate declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love. A situation in your life will take a turn downward. Balloons also represent arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself.�If you see black balloons in your dream, then it symbolizes depression, especially if the balloons are descending. To see an ascending balloon in your dream signifies frustrating conditions in your life in which you are seeking to rise above. You are expressing a desire to escape. On a positive note, balloons symbolize celebration and festivities. You need to acknowledge your inner child.
To see a balloon pop in your dream symbolizes an unrealized goal or dream. It may also represent the stresses in your life. The pressure may be starting to be too great for you to bear. To dream that you or someone is blowing up a balloon represents your aspirations, goals and ambitions. You are experiencing renewed hope.

White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life.�Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate. Or it may refer to a cover-up. In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

To see a pebble in your dream represents minor difficulties and annoyances in your life. To dream that you are throwing pebbles suggest that you are feeling hurt by the little things that may seem insignificant. It is symbolic of criticism and gossip.
For a young woman to dream of a pebble-strewn walk, she will be vexed with many rivals and find that there are others with charms that attract besides her own. She who dreams of pebbles is selfish and should cultivate leniency towards others’ faults.

Interpretation Of Symbols:
None of these symbols or interpretations really means anything to me… I rarely dream of magic, though, so that’s cool.

I am walking with four other people through some natural setting with concrete urban-type qualities. it’s a park with really tall hills. Anyway, two of the guys are really into skateboarding or snowboarding, and they begin doing tricks like madness. All of us can kind of do tricks and are kind of interested in those sports, but the three of us are less interested than the other two. The other two decide they don’t even want to stay on the pre-determined route, but are interested in carving out their own, and they scamper off from the urban ruins and into the brown hills. They disappear. The other three of us head towards a grass field, where there is somewhat tall grass and mucky ground. It’s a little gross to walk through but I do it, as I’m no longer interested in skateboarding or snowboarding. It’s also funny we explore that section because there’s really not much going on there, and we can see the end of it (it’s like a square, though I’m not sure what it’s bound in by). Finally, I get the feeling that I’m going to come across a body or something — and I do, and I announce that I’ve found a dead body. only it’s not dead. Upon discovering it comes flooding off a neon-lighted, glowing world of little people doing I don’t even know what. They come tumbling out like exo, Slimer, energy. And the grass becomes flooded over by tons and tons of blue dragonflies, evenly spaced along its surface, dotting it. one of the guys I am with wakes up the fallen girl, who seems perhaps scared of the little men she is exuding? And he tells her that similar things happen to him — or in his family or something — and that in Irish culture such things are regularities, little men dancing around in neon energies… not sure what else happens.

To see a dragonfly in your dream symbolizes change and regeneration. It may also indicate that something in your life may not appear as it seems. Alternatively, the dream represents instability, flightiness or activity. You are always on the go. To dream that you are eating a dragonfly suggests that you are consumed by some sort of passion even at the risk of offending or hurting other’s feelings.

so me and my cousin (tina) had to attend a party @ my cousin’s hosue (it was her old hosue in kirkland). and it was some big party and they had security. i started talking to security and it ended up being my other cousin (khoi). i started talking to him and he said, “i told jared about you.” and he (jared) was part of security too, whom i had met the day before. my cousin whose party it was had to skip work; she was too busy cooking.