i become self-aware and lucid, and start floating up over a courtyard full of people in the winter, squealing and yelling. “this is what it’s like in real life, too!” i testify to dream people. i fly around and rejoin the dinner table of friends and take a male friend for a flight as a gesture of friendship. but as i’m floating up, it becomes harder to fly, and then the scenery changes to my childhood home. i’m up in my dad’s tools in this area where i hadn’t been as a child… then i discover nude polaroids of a japanese woman. and i think it might be the japanese exchange student we housed — which would’ve been so controversial — or maybe it was his first wife. also controversial.


i find myself on a balcony in an alley. it’s super life-like vivid, but i realize it’s a dream instantly because i still feel conscious. i jump and fly, but my sleep cycle starts doing something… and the physical feeling of being pulled upward by vibrations (in real life) makes my flying dream sort of evaporate. i’m pulled and stretched up up up and dissolved into a different scene. and then i’m semi-lucid. can’t remember the rest.