new roomies shawn and andrew and i are in a band together. that band is headlining a house show this evening. apparently, i’m the guitarist, which is majorly like WTF because i don’t know how to play the guitar. i’m like, “are you sure this isn’t a mistake? i can’t play!” and they’re like, “yeah, you can! we’ve played a show together before!” but in my dream memory what i’d played before was bass, not guitar. so i’m trying to think back, but no guitar memory comes to mind. and i don’t even know the songs! we haven’t practiced once, so i’m calling for some practice time cause though i can’t play the guitar, i should at least know the songs so i can try. i say that i know the individual guitar strings’ sounds, but not any chords. unfortunately, the sounds i know each string to be in the dream aren’t real sounds but like, manufactured “guitar hero”-type sounds or something that don’t really translate to real life. so we go home, which is wooden-ish and kind of rickity. but no real dice in practicing cause they keep getting easily distracted. it’s all making me mega antsy and nervous, and finally, it’s 8:30pm, and we were supposed to play at 9:00pm or something. so, i’m thinking WTF, but then someone invites us to dinner, and despite having a show and being in a time crunch, we go to dinner at some restaurant, and the dream ends here (i wake up due to the alarm clock).

long ass muthafuckin dream. random part of the dream –- i’m watching this movie or something and basically the whole point of the movie is… you can change your life by changing the way you view life. the movie is tinted with a rose complexion, meaning… if you just take life and its mishaps and add a rosy layer on top, you can be happier and live a happier life. later in the dream (non-related), i enter a movie set on the water and we are spinning on this raft thing. lots of friends and co-workers are on set. eventually, we end up on a floating contraption (huge, steps, different levels, etc.) and secondhand serenade, a local band, is playing a set. long, weird, twisted dream, but i remember music and a scruffy yummy man in the end of the dream.

i’m at this old building in kirkland. mf magazine is having a fashion party, and i’m going to be an interim person who is throwing it. i’m calling and texting everyone i know to tell them to come. aeryn is there. i’m walking downstairs and about to text jennie, and i run into chol, who is going to be going to spokane that evening. as a result, i don’t ask him to come. jennie calls as i’m talking to chol, and the ringtone that comes on when she calls is some cheesy techno song. i don’t ever ask her to come to my party, because she’s calling to warn me that the secret service is coming to get me because i had been at this shady place in california when some murder went down or something (this was in my dream memory, not my real memory).

the secret service agents pull up in this big white van, and i walk away while still on the phone. i call aeryn and tell him that secret service is coming, and that he is basically in charge, even though someone else more appropriate (i forget who it is) is there. that’s okay, though,. aeryn is trying to find a number for a pizza place because since i’m not going to be there, there’s some problems with catering?!!! and so he’s trying to find an alternative.

i say that i’ll try to talk myself out of the secret service thing.

i go downstairs and they are putting random people into their car, only now their car isn’t a van — it’s one of these like, big passenger trolley things, where the back half doesn’t have a roof or cover… hard to explain, but it’s something you’d like, more likely find at an amusement park.

i explain to the secret service that i run a magazine and am throwing an event this evening, and that if i’m not present, i’ll lose hella money. one hispanic secret service agent in particular says, okay, we get you next time. i call aeryn and tell him it’s okay. i go upstairs. i don’t know what time it is, but by now more people have shown up. eva is there, but she soon disappesrs. liz, ray, nate davis, and randoms galore… it’s a three part room (see drawing below). lenny is running around who knows where. i’m texting liz and listing who is at the party already, and i list “liz” in my text message; i’m texting liz about herself. and i look to my right and liz is sitting right there in the room, and to the right of liz is ANOTHER liz. i’m confused and don’t stick around to investigate.

some caterer shows up and suddenly it shifts to a third person view of myself. i’m a white lady. i talk to someone about the mf magazine fashion show that’s supposed to happen, and i’m told that it’s not going to happen because mf has already had their fashion show. my third-person view gets mad, saying that it was shady that mf would sell me a contract to throw their fashion show when they knew that they had an event already. it put me in a pickle.

i run downstairs, and now it’s first person view again. two old men are wearing guard uniforms and standing in front of a table. their uniforms are like a hybrid of english and scottish guard uniforms. i say, “whoa! this is a crown hotel?” and they say yes.

i go upstairs and there’s music playing, and everyone starts to dance. a lot more people have shown up… i’m now unconcerned with whether more people show up. i start dancing with this random bald guy. he’s skinny, and kinda thuggish, and wearing a wifebeater. but the dance with him is amazing, almost as if it were choreographed. he’s leading the whole time and i’m just following. i’ve never met him before, but i’m just following his movements and everything is going extremely smoothly, except for the occasional step i need to take back from him because i’m in way too close. he comments on how i have good balance cause i’m doing all these complicated turns and junk. the comment makes me more confident and i keep dancing, but ad-lib moves, which include quick inward movements that involve my face being right up next to his… it’s pretty intimate.

before i know it, a circle has gathered around us and all these people are watching him and i dance. the whole time, i’m ultra smitten by him. the dance is like magical, like the one between patrick dempsey and the girl at the end of the movie “enchanted” — but way more complicated, skilled, contemporary, and awesome.

mike s:
i’m at the practice space and two former band mates are there. i’m not sure why they’re even in the same room, as i was in two completely different bands with them and they’ve never met. they were talking about forming a band. when one of them would leave the room to use the bathroom or get food out of the vending machine, the other guy would ask me about the person who just left.

i got a knock on the door and there was this lady asking me if thousandswilldie would like to play with candiria. i was floored and said, “sure. but we’re such a different band. why are we playing with those guys?”
she didn’t answer and just started writing our name on the wall along side a huge collage of upcoming show flyers with her promotion company’s name on them. i’m guessing those were all the shows and this one was really far in advance, so she didn’t have a flyer yet.

gregg, my drummer, shows up with no beard. if you know gregg, you’d know that his beard goes down to the middle of his chest. nobody recognized him. he was also wearing a very large tie-dyed cypress hill shirt and kept saying something about yong-sung not coming to practice (we’re a three piece, so no guitar player at practice makes no sense).

the promoter lady comes back and says we need to be at a campsite ASAP so she can meet with all the local bands she’s promoting. there was some BBQ going on. we get there, and the campsite is right next to a suburban neighborhood. as we got closer, it looked as if the entire campsite was on a steep downhill grade. we kept trying to explain this to the promoter, who apparently lived in the neighborhood next to the site. i remember falling asleep in my car just before waking up for work.

there is a rave going on that is along the lines of how sxsw is. every venue in seattle is holding separate electronic-music events; something that would pretty much never, ever happen here. especially because the venues in my dream are all really far away from one another.

jennie is there, running around (not literally). there’s some confusion about the events. i’m standing around with a group of people outside some venue that is playing some really wicked drum n’ bass, and i comment on how awesome it sounds. but no one wants to go in. i seem to be the only one who wants to. i’m under the impression that they want to attend some other show that is playing dubstep or reggae or something. i think we leave.

later on, i’m sitting on a toilet in a bathroom, but the bathroom has like, no walls. it’s pretty much in an open warehouse-type space. i am not at all bashful about peeing in front of a room full of people, for some reason.

anthony’s friend, john is there. except his name isn’t john. his name is like… derrick andre something something. those probably aren’t even the right names, but basically his name was a four part name with four first names. or at least three first names and a last name.

john or derrick ” ” ” starts hitting on me, i think. while i’m sitting on the toilet, i also think. HAHAHA. i don’t think it was outright. it was almost as if it were mutual and already acknowledged; it was kind of implied.

the dream starts out with me walking into my older brother pomy’s living room. various people were watching tv with the lights off. i don’t know what we were watching, but the the tv made everyone’s face radiate with an unreal blue glow due to the reflection.

at this point, i could smell weed coming from one of my nephews. my older brother pory notices a smell too, so i tell my nephew to give me the weed, which were in dime bags. i take the weed and walk to the kitchen and proceed to engage in a conversation with someone in the living room from the kitchen.

now a birthday party starts for both of my nieces, anna and kayla. during the party i notice a really nice white baby piano propped up against the wall, without its legs. it was only its body. and when i say baby piano i mean its like a baby grand except baby baby baby grand it was something a toddler could play. i propped it on its side and played it, almost like a guitar. i really wanted it and so i told everyone that i would be right back to check on my bank funds to see if i could afford it.

whats weird here is when i step out of the front door, i find myself stepping out of my bank which is located at crossroads mall in bellevue. without thinking, i walk over to the library so i can check my bank account online. as i am walking through the library, i notice it is filled with girls studying. as i walk by i notice they were studying. as i walked by one, i commented on how physical sciences were awesome.

i finally make my way to a computer and i try to enter in the url to my bank website. every time i hit enter the computer always spat out an error saying it could not resolve the address. after many attempts i noticed that the website showed up as wwwrsushimonstersrcom (that’s not really my bank address but in my dream i kept trying to type in after closer examination, i found that the ‘.’ button and the ‘R’ button on my keyboard was switched. i now try to figure out how to type periods. during my bewildered frustration this asian girl comes up to me and asks me for some help with her math homework. i tell her sure and notice that the math book about nothing but powers, the cover had 10^10000000000 on it. i also notice that the name of her school is suprnova.

my dream then transitions to me parking at the mall that i was just at. two girls are in my car; one is my friend courtney from highschool, and the other is her friend alexandra. we park outside of the bank (my brother’s house) and i invite them inside to attend the party for some cake. they are hesitant, so i tell them that it’s just a 20 second walk. courtney agrees to come inside to hang out.

when we enter the bank, it’s suddenly a barnes & noble and i notice another highschool friend, valerie, studying so i say hello to her. a young tom hanks (early 20s) walks into the store and i say hello to him. courtney and i then start browsing the store noticing a magic and gags section. we play around with some games for a while then i spot a valerie look alike. imagine my surprise when i realize that the look alike is actually britney spears in disguise. at this point i completely forgot about the birthday party for my nieces.

i walk to exit the store when i bump into a tom hanks impersonator who is dressed like the boy kid from the movie juno (michael cera). he hands out a flyer to a concert that he supposedly drew himself, which reminded me of the vote for pedro flyers from napoleon dynamite.

as soon as i exited the building, i woke up.

someone is looking for a roommate. i think i applied, but when i got there, it turned into a third-person view, and i was not me, but a he. the he had applied for the room without knowing anything about the roommate. he had assumed it would be a person around the same age as him. /fail. she was an old lady. after he got in the house, the view turned movie-like. the camera started off in his room, focusing on him. it showed that he was loudly playing music. then it panned through the wall onto the piano teacher, who was gritting her teeth angrily, while trying to teach a kid to play piano. the camera zooms in on her face in a cartoon-esque way — “delicatessen” style, as you hear the classical piano being somewhat overridden by the loud music.

[note: i’m writing these off of notes two days later… it is not fresh in my memory and i am relying pretty much solely on the notes.]

tomiko’s japanese brother is beautiful (in a good-looking but femme way — just my bag!). i don’t recall much but i do know we were in a room with like a full-length mirror. dark, brownish wood walls. or wood paneling, anyway. he was hugging me from behind and we were looking at ourselves in the mirror… then i lean back and up and kiss him. i guess after that i go to meet lenny… i think maybe perhaps i receive text messages?!!!! and i say suspiciously that no one is texting me, even though it is just jeanette saying that she is working. apparently she has a new job opportunity with a gay guy she knows “better from myspace”???? i text her saying, “how?”

here are the rest of the notes that i can’t quite put together or read well:
“____, sitting dejectedly”
“____ dancing w/ best girl friend”
“white guy (him… which i think refers to tomiko’s brother who is now a white guy) comes up”
“* singing n’sync song in club, text-msged”
“then some oldschool song, everyone dances”
“then some paula abdul song”
“show us something”
“____ downstairs”
“kid + ____ lock us downstairs”
“rock out and get ___ bet lock”

i just had a dream within a dream.

in the first dream, i was watching tv and realized that i had been chosen from a number contestants to be a reality tv star. i only noticed when i saw the show because they just filmed me, and didn’t tell me. we were all would-be singers trying to make it, and while the songs written by the other participants were the soundtrack to the show, there was footage of me struggling to keep up with them as we rode bicycles up a hill in san francisco. i was obviously the comic relief, but i found out how famous i was when girls started hitting on me as i walked in the park.

suddenly i was in a hotel room. i had “woken up” and was trying to write down the name of the group from the dream. i did (lost to me now, of course). we had been driving through seattle — i remember trying to figure out where we were and looking up to see a space needle about six times as high as the one in real seattle. i was asking what we would do next and my mom of all people said that we were going to smoke out in a bathroom at the pike place market — joints that my father had picked up.

from behind it looked like my real father, but when he turned around it was paul mccartney.

i began to tell paul the dream about being a star. when i told it to him, instead of being in a contest i had been in a real group who was a famous, “hippie band” like the mamas and the papas, ’cause that’s how dream-nick remembered it. paul took offense to “hippie band” and i had to reassure him that even though his music was from the same era, it was not “hippie music”. then i told him that in my dream he was not himself, he was bruce springsteen. he said, “that’s deep.”

my dad had somehow managed to score two tickets to a sold out jason mraz show. the tickets didn’t look like tickets; they looked like receipts (and were the size of large mail envelopes… they even had the carbon paper type thing). on it, it had like an address section and stuff, and it said that it was purchased from, CI, IL (or something similar to that), and i took it to mean that it was chicago, illinois. i mean, it was like a, “DUH, of course it’s from chicago,” type of feeling.

i was in line to get in, wondering what i was going to do with the other ticket i had since i was there alone and they retailed for $110. some girl was standing right outside the venue, and she was holding this purple piece of fabric that said she was looking for tickets on it. little pieces of paper with messages on them were like, pinned onto the fabric or something. odd. i talked to her about the tickets and she wanted them. i said that i wanted at least $100 and she looked distressed briefly and lingered to look for her dad, but soon came back saying okay. i handed her the ticket and she looked at it, but somehow, to her, “CI, IL” meant that the ticket was from IRAQ. she asked why the hell the ticket would be from iraq, and the girl in front of us in line — who turned out to be stephanie [mai… moni] from high school — told us that “CI, IL” was clearly chicago, not iraq. this seemed to calm the girl. i then said i’d wait with her to ensure that she got in. i myself had already gotten my ticket scanned and had gotten a wristband for it. i didn’t ask her for money right away.

as we were standing in line, jason mraz started playing his first song, which i think was “you and i both”… i quickly realized i did NOT want to be standing in line with her because it was causing me to miss the show, and i thought of ways i could rectify the situation and give her faith that she would get in without waiting with her. i thought of having her hold onto something i had for the time being and going in first and then meeting up with her to get it back. but then i thought, nevermind, and continued to painfully wait.

when we finally got up to the front of the line, it hadn’t been that far into the song. i showed the guy my wristband, and as i pulled up my sleeve, now my right arm was covered with wristbands. i had a hard time locating the one i was supposed to even show him.

i got distracted by mraz’s oh so sweet musak as we got closer to the door, and briefly wandered off. there were giant tv screens and an interesting setup unlike that of any other venue i had been to, so i was interested. when i came back to see if she had gotten in yet, she had disappeared somewhere and i was a little distressed that i could not locate her. i struggled to find the GA (general admission) section which our tickets took us to, and it was somewhere off to the right side of the stage. there weren’t that many people in that section, surprisingly, and i thought about looking for her in that area but hesitated, thinking that perhaps she was looking for me near the door and had not gotten in yet. this all after she had NOT paid me yet.

i decided, after looking at the GA section again, that i would head down there since she did not seem to be by the door. i thought of how i could get mraz’s attention or something, including an idea which somehow involved a cellphone. end.