i’m hanging out with a group of “friends”.  i don’t recognize any of them except the loud one.  who is sean from LA (a friend of my cousin).  we’re drinking, hanging out, playing guitar hero.  i then realize that we’re about to be late for our intramural soccer game.

we jump in sean’s car.  it’s a jaguar…but has the rear end that’s like a truck.  i jump in the back of the truckuar (which is what i’ve decided it’s called) and we race off.  we’re going wayyy too fast.  we end up hitting something, i don’t see what and we flip over.  The truckuar breaks in half at the bit that seperates the car part from the truck part.  somehow i just step out onto the pavement completely naturally and i’m fine.

i am still very concerned about the fact that we’re going to miss the game, so i urge everyone to get into the car part and continue to the field arguing that the car would still go since it’s front wheel drive.

i then decide that we cannot in fact go until i fix the grill of the car which is quite unique.  the grill is a normal grill, but then it has a fine chain link mesh (like chain link armor) that is held by 4 screws. the mesh has fallen off in the accident and i have to fix it for some reason.  i fix the mesh when the guys from the other car (which we apparently hit) start a fight with us.  we have more people than them since we’re an entire team so i’m pretty confident.  but then i wake up…

so i was sleeping and my co-worker wendy came into my room/office and wrote on my white board details about wine and a short video to watch about it. then she left and my co-worker craig came in; i think it used to be his office. he was putting away his yearbook and trophies and stuff, and i made a joke about how he needs to put away his high school stuff. then i saw his yearbook and i saw that i knew hella people that went to high school with him, but somehow they went to high school with me. one included this guy named sky and his picture was on the top places to go (yo son!) in the yearbook, for being a dj. i was like, “what?? no way.” then craig asked if i wanted to pay like $130 for some rotisserie chicken for the sonics game later. then that was over and we had tickets to a sonics game and some older guy (i remember him vaguely, like vincent vaughn) and i were in the parking lot, and i was talking to some cute baby. then when i was done, he drove me to the game and we had a dinner date. then i said i had extra tickets if he wanted to go, so he pushed his dinner plans back and came also. when we got there, we sat hella close but then the ticket people eventually told us to go sit out where our assigned seats were.

i went to some amusement park but i was more like, on the beach. when i got there, it was packed and i had to sign up for something (i had to write my name and check a box for expedia). people were lying on chairs and i grabbed a pen that she had put above her head for the next person to get. for some reason, my nails are freshly done, but they start cracking. i go to ask phil if he wants to go play in the water and he says no or something. so i go ask derek. for some reason, his apartment was packed near the beach. i tried to buzz myself in, but i forgot the number. then a guy came and asked if i wanted to come in (like held the door open when he went in). i was like, “naw, it’s okay.” then derek walked by and i’m like, “phil doesn’t wanna swim.” so we’re about to go get ready to go and a lady tells me that i can sell my fingernail polish cracks and pieces. so i’m about to go with her, and derek follows. she tells me we’re heading to a magic store first. the end.

i was watching an arsenal game, very close to pitch level. one of my favorite players, alexander hleb, got a knee injury. he’s the type of player that is very crafty with his ball skills, so he gets kicked a lot, so this wasn’t uncommon. for some reason though, the medical staff decided that the best treatment was to shove a metal spike through his leg so that he couldn’t bend his knee, and then they sent him out on the field. i was yelling at him, “ALEX, DON’T RUN! YOU’VE GOT A METAL SPIKE IN YOUR LEG!” but he didn’t listen D: it was sad.

inspiration: numerous injuries were hurting my favorite football team.