i’m somewhere where there isn’t access to hospital. an island or something. i am the medical expert amongst the people that are there. for some reason, a lot of the people need various transplants ranging from standard heart, kidney, etc to arms or legs. which i realize makes no sense — but for some reason, I don’t really care. i have access to numerous dead bodies. despite the fact that they are dead, i don’t see any problems with using them as transplant donors. i am even looking for transplants for people that are my hated enemies (although i don’t know why). however, i’m having trouble matching the blood types of the bodies that have good organs/legs/arms available. for some reason, it was kind of boring, actually. i wasn’t really like… stressed or anything. it felt like, daily business, sort of.

inspiration: watching “lost” before going to bed.

i dreamt i was still out (from the previous night). we went bar-hopping, and went to a bar inspired by boston. earlier, we were shopping around near the bars and i bought four bagels, some mac nail polish, etc. with my friend tri. we ended up at that boston bar and i saw so many people i knew from back in the day. there was also some baby contest in the back room. i also saw don and van – i guess they were back later, when we got home to someone’s house, i was looking for this aquafina i had bought. then we were driving around and i thought we were looking for a place to eat. i was also with teresa and trevor (whom i am not friends with). then i realized it was 2pm, not 2am, so i’m like, omg, i’m late for work. so somehow i get into this room, church ceremony (it’s easter!) and i’m listening and i’m playing with my phone and i read my outgoing texts. i notice that i texted a co-worker about how i don’t care about her and stuff. i felt so bad. then my brother pulls me out of the room and tells me i’m in trouble. i remember my dad yelling at me. next thing i know, i’m at old navy (working), and had to help someone get a fitting room. i also brought pho in there for her.

so i was sleeping and my co-worker wendy came into my room/office and wrote on my white board details about wine and a short video to watch about it. then she left and my co-worker craig came in; i think it used to be his office. he was putting away his yearbook and trophies and stuff, and i made a joke about how he needs to put away his high school stuff. then i saw his yearbook and i saw that i knew hella people that went to high school with him, but somehow they went to high school with me. one included this guy named sky and his picture was on the top places to go (yo son!) in the yearbook, for being a dj. i was like, “what?? no way.” then craig asked if i wanted to pay like $130 for some rotisserie chicken for the sonics game later. then that was over and we had tickets to a sonics game and some older guy (i remember him vaguely, like vincent vaughn) and i were in the parking lot, and i was talking to some cute baby. then when i was done, he drove me to the game and we had a dinner date. then i said i had extra tickets if he wanted to go, so he pushed his dinner plans back and came also. when we got there, we sat hella close but then the ticket people eventually told us to go sit out where our assigned seats were.