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i don’t remember the setup, but i was outside and something bad happened.  a bunch of creatures in the area were affected, including a cute-looking baby raccoon, and i knew that I needed to kill it now.  i had a specific reason for killing it at the time, but i can’t remember it.  i tried to strangle it first, but that didn’t work… it was too fluffy or something.  so i had to snap its neck against the ground.  i don’t think it felt much (it didn’t fuss) but i still felt REALLY bad, cause y’know, i didn’t want to kill the cute baby raccoon.  it didn’t bleed at all, but afterward there was its blood on my hands.  i didn’t even try and wipe it off.

i see animals running away from this forest. there are two bears running away… two animals like elk running away… two other animals which i forget running away… what are they running away from? i’m in a car… i don’t think i’m driving; i’m in the passenger seat. we drive by the place the animals were running from and see two bears fighting. i tell the driver to turn in because there’s a turnout… so that we can get a closer look. as soon as we turn in, though, one of the bears comes towards us and tries to eat / fight / maul us and our car. i don’t know if we get away or not.

i’ve a pet rabbit from who knows where. her name is amanda, much like andy’s doggie. it is really quite young. i play with it day after day, but never really feed it. one day, it is barely mobile. i realize suddenly that i’ve never fed it and try to give it a hamburger since that’s all that i have. she doesn’t much want to eat it (and is sitting on the kitchen table with the hamburger). i also try and feed it water and it likes that a little better, but i finally decide that i must go buy it some legit rabbit food. i wonder about carrots but am not really sure if they are ACTUALLY rabbit food, outside of bugs bunny land.