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mike s:
i’m back in college and somehow dating an ex-girlfriend that i haven’t seen since i broke up with her around this time last april. we’re together in her apartment and she’s somehow managing to rearrange her entire bathroom.

her bathroom is at the front of her apartment building, so where there might normally be a window, the bathroom has an entire wall of double paned glass with no curtains. she’s positioned the toilet exactly in the center of the tile floor and is upset with me because i’m refusing to use it. i’m becoming thoroughly annoyed because i didn’t understand why she wouldn’t let me go to the gym (out of fear girls might “hit on” me), yet she’s okay with undressing, bathing, and urinating in front of anyone who can see in.

amidst this argument, she decides that she hates gay people and wants to make an example of this guy jeremy, who plays in a band i’ve shared the stage with several times. i told her such bigotry didn’t make sense, but she insisted that jeremy is somehow part of society’s overall moral degradation. she’s giving me this evil glare.

so, my ex-girlfriend and this group of meathead rednecks are chasing jeremy around, who eventually drives off in his car. they were literally chasing him through people’s houses, back yards and jumping over fences. all the while, i’m trying to snap her out of it.

(note: my ex-girlfriend went out of town a couple months ago and is returning this week.)

allen m:
i don’t know the context of the dream, but like all dreams, it made sense at the time. i was trying to fit some object into a container of soil (or bucket of sand). the actual objects are vague, but the feeling was like trying to plant a seedling or tree sapling in a large pot. the people with me kept insisting that it would fit in the pot, but we tried and tried and it wouldn’t. finally i told them we needed to dig out more of the stuff in the pot.

my friends from college eventually wandered by the area where i was trying to do this. they basically found me with a shovel trying to put something into a pot. for some reason, this was extremely awkward. they were all drinking and their beer cans were mixing into the stuff that i dug out of the pot.

i end up getting in a car with my mother. we’re heading toward this dream’s version of my girlfriend’s house, which was really weird in itself, because in the dream, i know exactly where she lives and why i want to be there (i don’t remember those outside of the dream, but my dream-mind was really confident in this info). for some reason, my girlfriend was a red-headed white girl. for some reason, i really need to be there before 7 pm.

my mom misses a turn that would take us directly to her house. her reaction to my directions are very slow, she seems tired or drugged up. she ends up turning on to i-76 because she thinks that’s the best way to turn back around. i’m concerned that she will miss the one and only exit that would put us where we need to be and get to my girlfriend’s house on time.

i decide to kill time by reading a book or magazine, only to look up and find that my mom has fallen asleep at the wheel. she’s run the car in the left lane off into the shoulder, and is mere seconds from crashing into the car in front of us. i tell her to wake up, she doesn’t respond. i am forced to grab the wheel and yell “STOP!” at the same time. only then does she respond, but her waking up causes more trouble than good. she eventually gains control and i take over driving.

i take the nearest exit, only to find myself being cut off by a stream of traffic in the direction i want to go in. i circle around this residential area and for some reason, i cut through this person’s driveway, because i think it’s a back road that leads to where i need to go. as i reach the back of the person’s house, someone comes out, and it’s oddly one of the featured guests on the “opie and anthony show.” i make a joke about him being a serial killer, because they often do that to this guy on the radio show. i suddenly fear for my life and want to drive away as quickly as possible.

in the end, i come across this lodge. it’s like a clubhouse or bar. i no longer seem to be interested in getting to my dream-girlfriend’s place. i don’t know why i was there, but in my dream it made sense for me to stop in. an alien looking thing comes into the bar, it’s hiding behind a door. it looks like a small green teletubby crossed with geico’s gecko. the owner tells me that this alien boosts all the electronic signals in the area. the lodge’s wifi can be accessed for miles outside of the place and the alien can steal all sorts of satellite television feeds.

and that’s when i woke up.