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i can’t remember all the details, but i do remember one large portion of the dream, i was swimming indoors. the whole entire house (apartment building? mansion?) was filled with water. it was sort of like a water slide (like not A LOT of water but more than just enough for a water slide to operate — enough to swim in). i swam up the stairs, down the hallway etc. and i remember at one point when i think i was searching for my room, i lost my bags and my pillow. my pillow was the same one i was sleeping on (same pillow case at least) and when i found the pillow, it had shrunk. it basically was just the case and because there was so much water soaked into the actual pillow, it was like… non-existent! so weird!

part two of the dream is sucky, i.e. scary. i was with some friends somewhere — no idea where. and my friend carmie and i were walking home from a friend’s house. all of a sudden, we noticed this weird sketchy guy following us. as soon as he got closer, i wanted to SCREAM, but nothing came out. i just told her to run, and we jet back to our friend’s place, since we were just down the street from our friend’s house. i ran straight back to our friends who were still at the house and went behind our guy friends who were on the sidewalk. carmie apparently didn’t run, and i guess he was getting close to getting her or i think at some point, he DID get to her. she ran into a public men’s restroom where there were people. i guess the “creeper” didn’t go in there?

i remember panicking in the dream and screaming at my guy friends, telling them to go get her, but no one really understood. after a while, someone FINALLY went to go get her. we all went together actually, and i opened the mens’ room door and i yelled for her to come out and that it was ok. she had been sitting in a locked door stall and was SUPER traumatized. i can’t really remember the details following this, but i felt SO BAD because she was like, “WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?”

[[ apologies for the lack of updates. i’ve been out of town for sxsw and too busy to collect dreams from people — much less go online at all. every day has been a 10am to 3am extravaganza, with little time for anything else. dreams will resume immediately at a rate of one+ per day, ideally. here is one left as a comment. thanks daniel. 😀 – vivian ]]

it’s night time. i’m running through the woods as part of a three-man ninja squad. we reach a steep incline. i rush ahead and halfway up the incline i turn around to wait for my other comrades. the girl, and apparent leader of the squad, scolds me for being too bold and rash. at the top of the hill we pause to discuss what weapons are most effective. apparently i’m quite inexperienced and need guidance. as she is telling me about the weapons, the other ninja is busy killing some enemies. she hands me a can-opener looking weapon. it feels important. i say i’m not sure if i’m ready to kill but when i see my squad mate being attacked from behind i leap into action and slice the guy through the throat. he falls to the ground. as i take a closer look i realize it is a friend of mine. i start crying and tell him i’m sorry as i’m embracing him. we hear sirens so we have to run off. i want to help my injured friend but i have to leave with my squad. we get to our underground base. there i am terribly distraught over what i just did. there are some other friends in the room discussing some other matters. i tell one of them about what just happened. after i get it off my chest i feel better.